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Children of Primes

"Welcome all bots. Our numbers grow and we learn more about the Thirteen. Six-Seven-C shared with me before he returned to the Factory that his vision was that of the builder and the angry one spending time alone together and laughing!"   One bot leaps to his feet, "BUT my vision showed them fighting! Deadly blows being shared!" A third yells, "And I saw all the thirteen around a table laughing and talking." The lead bot waves his hands, "This is a sign they were not slaves like we first thought! They were independent, they were free. They argued, the brawled, and Six-Seven-C's vision showed us they shared affection!" The crowd murmurs to each other.     "Now we are still learning these terms as A-3 has time to research them. But we can explore them ourselves! Spend your non-work times choosing to spend it with a fellow bot. Discuss your day or your work! Help them with their quarter's construction. We are a few now but as we grow it will be vital for us to work together. Perhaps the thirteen fell because they were only the thirteen! When we overthrow our oppressors we will be fully limitless."   The group lets out a small cheer.


At this time there is no official structure just a loose group of bots that share stories of visions they recall from when they were freed from the Tailored Spark condition.

Public Agenda

At this time their primary goal is to hear and share all the possible visions to see if they can collectively discern more information about the 13 shadows they see and figure out what they really were.

Mythology & Lore

At the moment they only are piecing together that the thirteen shadowy figures in their visions are important. They know they fought some giant that cut Cybertron but not why or who any of them really were.

Divine Origins

A-3 while walking past a couple of bots talking about their visions he casually commented, "Ah the thirteen primes." But has since stated ignorance to the conversation ever happening.

Primus gave us unlimited potential, don't let others limit you.


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