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Type W Solider

The Type W Solider class as designed by the Quintesson's. The hallmark of the class is each one is equipped with a built-in weapon and their optics are a bright red.   Unlike the servant classes, all soldier class has deep menacing voices are were designed with many sharp angles and animalistic features to ensure a fierce visage. Ultimately their forms depending on the weapons they will have crafted into them. All remain bipedal like the majority of the slave bots.   Rapid fire gun bots lose a hand to mount the weapon, Riflemen up to their elbow join, Cannons their entire arm one left so they could reload themselves. Melee Type-W's always sacrificed a hand to mount the weapon to ensure they cannot be disarmed if it a single handed weapon they tend to be duel mounted.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Given names are simply their serial number. I.e. 034059 Cannon, or 049593 Rifle.

Family names

Familiy names are basically what type of weapon you possess.


Shared customary codes and values

Follow the chain of command only the highest ranking officer makes decisions. Each weapon type instinctively works out a pecking order amongst themselves and follow that bot's directions while they follow their battle commander's directives.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Before each battle commences the Type-W all make sure to softly recite their names starting at one end of their formation and ending at the other, until the battle is over not a single non-leader bot will utter a word or sound.

Funerary and Memorial customs

After the battle, while the servant class clear the bodies of the fallen Type W's a designated bot by their leading Type-W will inscribe their name on their now lifeless shell.

Common Myths and Legends

Unknown to the Quintesson's A-3 has slipped a bit of knowledge into their head that Primus would accept their sparks back and the recitation of their names out loud is the final part of their prayer to Primus to await their return.
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