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Idioms and Sayings of the Freed

A Few Choice Terms Being Used Often

  Leaking Lubricant: When someone is whining.   Early Ruster: A bot that claims inability when they are capable.   Noggins: Slang term for the Quintesson Scientists .   Shadow Chasers: Slang term for those that follow the Children of Primes .   Kosepego Whisperers: Those bots that forgo drinking from the Wll of Change so they can explore the Northern Fields.   The Fade: When a bot starts to die due to having a Tailored Spark .   Credit Coffin: Slang term for the troop transport Komelon class spaceship.   Autobot: A bot that drank from the Well of Change and turns into a wheeled vehicle.   Dipped: Slang for being tossed into the Smelting Pit .   Stripped: A bot that has lost one or more limbs.   Brutes: Slang for the Quintesson Prosecutor s.   Guilties: Slang for the Quintesson Judges.   Gawkers: Slang for the customers at The Showcase Floor.   Laser Core: Slang for their Spark Chamber.   Scrap: Bot version of 'Oh crap'


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