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Lezantarus Grace

Lezantarus Grace is the organized religion that surrounds the god Lezantarus. One of the most prominent religions and is known to be focused within the Sor-Ta Empire.

Tenets of Faith

— The my reign is absolute to the world below. As far as my light touches, so does my authority. It is up to the children below to spread the light to every part of the dark realms beyond
It's believed that it is the job of the followers to spread his words to all, no matter if they want it or not. This is because they are representatives of the sun and the sun provides light and prosperity to the world. You must be grateful for him and his gift. As a result, to return the favor one must teach, help, and love others, no matter their background.  

Holy Books

  Sun Rhymes: A list of poem verses that tell the story of Lezantarus and his Ten Principles of Light. They were made near the beginning of the founding of Lezantarus Grace as a way to spread his principles to the youth of the age. Now they are common household tales used for a variety of morals beside his principles. The Eabenna: This codex is the main source of religious knowledge and practice. Created by the first Sun's Child, he wrote down the first and only words spoken by Lezantarus at the time. The original copy is broken here at the The Archives in Aulus (City) for safekeeping. However, copies are made daily to spread across the continent.


Worship is very easy and deals with respecting their great god. Being up at night is mostly forbidden as this is a sign that you favor the rival goddess more then him. You must also visit Shrine of the Blessed Sun, a place dedicated to the god. Followers can perform the Rites of Sun Catching, to feel him blessing and warmth. One should visit at least every few days to show your dedication to his light. The most important task is to speak his name to others and express how thankful you are for him.


Solar Priest are the only members of the priesthood. In order to join the Grace, only must have Solar Affinity. From there you must be trained in the Celestial Magics in order to join. Once one has suffentily master those arts, they then join one after the final initiation rites are completed. Upon joining, all that matters is that you preach the words of Lezantarus. This is the only required task to lower members. However, in the higher ranks, it deals with more management and interpretation of his will.

Granted Divine Powers

The Grand Solar Priest is the religious leader of their people. It is believed he has direct contact with Lezantarus and has great magical powers.

Spread the light to every part of the dark

Religious, Organised Religion
Controlled Territories

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