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The Keepers of the Three

The Keepers of the Three is a religious order that originated in the town of Rachelsborough in Carthea, Naea. While the order had small beginnings in the town, it quickly spread through the continent and into the surrounding areas, including; southern and western Telra, parts of Arlyia, Arcadia, and some regions within Plenn. Those following the Keepers of the Three worship the trinity of Gods Heyera (Goddess of the Stars), Raia (Goddess of the Earth), and Rulos (God of the Underworld/Afterlife).


The Keepers of the Three are centralized, now, in Ellera, Naea. Originally, the religious group was based in Rachelsborough, Carthea, but after the Hundred Years War, they relocated to Ellera. From here, the order is split into three minor subgroups, each devoted to a singular deity, but still keeping the faith of the remaining two. Each branch is guided the same way - led by a High Priest/Priestess with deacons, bishops, priests, and acolytes beneath them in descending order. Every ten years, the three branches convene a meeting at the original church in Rachelsborough to discuss any necessary changes, reparations, and/or expansions.

Public Agenda

The Keepers have a generally laid-back style of their religion, spreading the word in times of need to those who need it most. Through this helpful nature, some believe more in the faith of the members of the group rather than the deities they represent, while others take their teachings to heart. Most of these tenets consist of; doing no harm to your fellow man, keeping no malice or ill-will to any one person, constantly improving both yourself and the world, and to always be humble.


In the past, some churches were also banks. As such, the Keepers have a fair amount of gold, silver, copper, telaurium, and gemstones in their coffers that they reintroduce into the economy of Naea. Beyond that, the Children of Rulos keep a hold on most of the weaponry that the order uses, as well as holding onto a piece of the Blade of Upheaval.


The Keepers came to be around 700 AV, by three siblings that claim that each deity spoke to them in a dream. Tevarius, Selera, and Zathiah, wrote down what each deity told them in the dream, and then spread the word. At first, there was much skepticism, but after making public their writings, much of the skepticism turned to reverence. After ten or so years, each of the siblings began to focus more on the God/Goddess that spoke to them more in the dream, creating the subsects of their order.

Ductus ex Trinitatus (Guidance from the Three)

Founding Date
~700 AV
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Holy Children, Keepers, Children of [Diety] (these are part of individualized branches, but still a part of the greater order)
Keepers, Children
Related Myths

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