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Isom is also known as the Fox Religion, especially among Scavengers , because it is the religion followed by almost all Foxes . Though it may actually be older than the Foxes themselves, it permeates their culture, and affects the general way of life in their communities.


The Isom religion is patriarchal., and all clergy are male.There is a head of clergy who is considered to be in direct connection with the Lord of Water and Thunder. He selects both his successor and lesser clergy, who serve in single communities. Clergy are usually Fox masters, but do not have to be. They are distinguished by a robe with a scarlet band. If the clergyman studies Fox magic, this band is added to the sleeves above the others.

Public Agenda

The religion leads people to god through study--men through the study of magic, and women through religious study under the tutelage of men. Religious texts and stories are intended to teach right and wrong, as well as to lead to the afterlife, as those who do not follow the proper path may get lost on their way to eternal paradise.


Though it is unclear, some of the Foxes with whom I have spoken believe the religion to have once been separate from Fox magic. They believe it was an older tradition that migrated to Svene during the magic war, and that it merged with the Fox culture because it was practiced by several early Fox leaders. Today, it is fully incporporated into Fox society. It is rarely practiced by anyone outside of a Fox community, and rarely does anyone within a Fox community not practice. Sometimes, Foxes decide they do not believe from the religion, but these people often leave to live in larger, more diverse communities, as they are looked down on by other Foxes who do practice.

Cosmological Views

At the beginning of time, the Lord of Water and Thunder created a great storm. It rained so much that it filled the void around him, and when the water rolled back, the land emerged. Then he rained on the stars, which ceased to burn and fell to the land. But because the Lord's water is life giving, they became all the living things of the world. But being a part of the world, the living creatures could not see all that the Lord could, and they did not understand their purpose. The Lord tried to speak to them, but his voice was deafening, so he created magic, and he gave it to man, that he might be guided through it to the Lord, and use it to guide all others, including woman. Now, it is the duty of men to find the Lord through the study of magic, and then to guide others to him, and when one finds the path, they will be guaranteed a place in eternal paradise with him.

Tenets of Faith

The Isom religion states that the Lord of Water and Thunder created the universe and he is the only god. He gave magic to men, that they might understand the world through it, and use it to guide others. They believe that those who are virtuous will live in a peaceful afterlife with their Lord.   Those who do not follow the faith are thought to be misguided, though followers do not heavily recruit, as they fear persecution from magic. Those they do recruit are welcomed into Fox communities and, if male, taught Fox magic. They do believe in other forms of magic, though these forms of magic are not from the Lord, and therefore not as powerful. They are not harmful, however, and people are welcome to practice them, except us Scavengers. See, since we steal Fox magic, but don't follow their traditions, they think we're heretics who are perverting the Lord's gifts for our own ends. I guess... in way... we are.   They also believe in the importance of moderating emotions. When someone is failing to complete a magic working or is having difficulty communicating with the Lord, it is usually because they have lost control of their emotions, and they are encouraged to meditate to calm themselves and return to the state through which they can connect with the Lord.
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Fox Religion

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