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Order of the Open Hand


The organisation is based on cooperativity and no member technically has more power and control than others but most treat their mentors and elders as fonts of wisdom they should respect and follow. Elder memebrs often become Zezzari which are keeps of knowledge that often have more respect and power than the other members.

Public Agenda

To bring peace, self-reflection, unity and education to the masses.


They have no major wealth of materials but wisdom and knowledge is incomparable.


Most of the members are taught how to defend themselves. Due to the variety of members, the fighting styles vary greatly. Followers of Daloha- Loving Father are often proficient in hand to hand combat and small weapons like daggers. Many users have spent years perfecting the arcane arts of Imos- Knowing Mother where others use their previous military experience to fight like Marus- Warriors Breath.

Divine Origins

The Tower of Arcane Mirrors was originally a grand temple to Daloha- Loving Father , teaching people the ways of peace and kindness. The temple became large and famous due to the pilgrimages people made to the temple. The temple took in all and helped them, teaching them their ways. When the pilgrims returned home the word of the temple spread, becoming increasingly famous. Over time the knowledge and arcane of Imos- Knowing Mother plus the comradery and medicine of Marus- Warriors Breath where added to the teachings of the temple and the singular deity became three.

Tenets of Faith

We exist to co-exist, to further learn and bring understanding to all. Sometimes people only understand violence and war so we shall use it if we have to. Help people help themselves. Kindness and understanding is more important than law and order.

Political Influence & Intrigue

due to their knowledge and the neutral standpoint, you will often find a member of the council of any powerful person but there will also be one working with your enemy.

Arms Open to Everyone

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
Mirrored Hand

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