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Built upon the violent battles, betrayal, and friendship of its past, this nation is now among the bleakest countries in its corner of the world. Their military might, sustainability and trade are among its greatest strengths. Unfortunately, they lack a fair amount in public health, infrastructure, and literacy.   Uxil is a meritocracy whose current leader, Lu Zhi, was only elected a few years ago. Unfortunately, Lu Zhi is quite controversial, causing a number of opposing groups to appear. In the past, there have been groups opposed to leaders, but they have all been relatively small and not amounted to much. This time, however, high ranking members of the military have begun lending their voices to these groups, drawing more attention and bodies. The groups of opposition are still relatively small, but they are continually growing and the sheer number of groups opposing the new king make them a threat. However, as always, the current greatest threat to the nation's people are the aggressive and dangerous creatures that inhabit Oyea with them.   The people of Uxil are strong partially thanks to a violent past, but mainly because it's what they need to be in order to survive. They live grim lives, but their military might and decent trade help relieve most of their issues. Religion holds great importance and their strict rules and firm beliefs surrounding their religion has made them more steadfast.  


Uxil is ruled by a single leader who comes to power based on their achievements, abilities, or efforts. Often, this will be a soldier from the military who has gained acclaim in battle, although some merchants who have brought great wealth to Uxil will be named. Their heir will usually be someone unrelated to them although sometimes the heir will be one of their children.  


Uxil's greatest asset would be their official and unofficial military might. Roughly a fifth of the adult population is enlisted in their army and thousands more make their living doing mercenary work.
After their citizens, their second biggest asset is, ironically, the dangerous animals they share Oyea with. Due to their unique appearances and the rarity of the furs, hides, feathers, and skins from these animals due to them being very dangerous and hard to kill even a single pelt will fetch a high price. This high demand has allowed Uxil to acquire a small fleet of merchant ships and a few naval vessels. Additionally, many from foreign nations will come either to hunt these animals for trophies, or with dreams of conquering a swath of uncharted land and building their own kingdom or dreams of becoming rich quick. Nearly everyone is unsuccessful, and many die in their attempts.
As a byproduct of Uxil being able to trade with other countries, they are able to acquire enough iron and other metals that their third greatest assets are their blacksmiths who constantly churn out weapons and armor of better and better quality. Of course, this has also led to a decent trade industry involving weapons and armor.



Centuries ago, before written history, the continent of Samolyra was made up of hundreds of small tribes who constantly fought one another along with the wildlife over the limited resources and fertile land. Eventually, through much bloodshed and violence as well as the occasional treaty, the weaker tribes were absorbed into, the stronger ones until only one remained, the Kuchon.

Kuchon Empire

The Kuchon treated the people they conquered horribly, using them as slave labor to build buildings and walls, work the fields, and any other menial task. The few tribes they made treaties with were treated better but were still considered to be second class citizens. With their slaves, the Kuchon were able to build one of the most impressive capital cities in the ancient world, Taegye. With walls high enough and thick enough that they no longer had to worry about animal attacks. The non-Kuchon members of society, however, even the second class citizens, still had to worry about the vicious wildlife as their walls were poorly maintained or non-existent. Despite growing or hunting the food produced in the city, both slaves and second-class citizens often dealt with food shortages. Dissatisfaction grew amongst the non-Kuchon causing rebellions to break out. The first few rebellions were snuffed out pretty quick, but as more popped up, the Kuchon found their forces spread too thin.

Partnership with Braris Empire

It was at this time that the Braris Empire discovered the fledgling country and launched a series of devastating attacks that resulted in the deaths of hundreds and the enslavement of thousands. The attacks came to an end when the then Kuchon emperor Zhuan Tu, made a deal with the Brarisi empress Nasia Panikos Renzoni. In exchange for ending the attacks, Zhuan would give the Brarisi a shipment of a thousand slaves every month. Empress Nasia agreed to the terms and in a show of support had an entire regiment of Brarisi soldiers sent to Taegye to help keep order.   With the agreement in place, the line of Zhuan Tu continued ruling in relative peace for centuries. However, the deal had unintended consequences. As more and more slaves and second class citizens were shipped out, there were fewer and fewer people maintaining the infrastructure of Taegye. The lack of maintenance workers resulted in buildings, bridges, and more importantly, the city walls showing signs of wear and cracks. As the walls grew weaker, and more animals got into the city, the Brarisi soldiers tasked with keeping order, began being used more and more to fight the local wildlife.

Fall of Empires

In 794 B.R.C the Pirate Lorenzo Rossi began his siege against the Brarisi captial Carthago Nova that resulted in the fall of the Braris Empire. Once news of this reached Taegye, the non-Kuchon people launched a rebellion of their own. Despite being weakened from fighting the predators of Samolyra, the Brarisi soldiers stood firm. Even the Kuchon forces having grown lazy, held their own against the rebels, resulting in months of bloody fighting. Eventually, however, the remaining Brarisi soldiers were driven out, and the Tu emperor was overthrown.


With their united goal of overthrowing the Emperor completed, the rebels initially tried to separate into their original tribes. However, centuries of living together made it nearly impossible as many citizens had the blood of at least three tribes running through their veins. With this initial division ruled out, some who were deemed, second-class citizens tried to declare themselves the rightful ruler. Many from the slave class objected to this as they feared being made slaves again after having just received their freedom. Arguing devolved into violence and once again, there was fighting in the streets of what was formerly Taegye. Many, having grown tired of fighting, left the city, looking for a more peaceful life.

Uxil Established

Eventually, the struggle came to an end with the former slaves the victor. They named the veteran soldier Xing Gang as their leader. Xing's first action as King was to rename the former Kuchon Empire as Uxil and declare his old enemy, the leader of the second-class fighters, Meng Huan, his heiress. The two established laws that allow the citizens of Uxil and Uxili military to oust any ruler they deem unfit easily. The two also developed the custom of kings and queens electing the person who has achieved greatness as an heir rather than giving the throne to their children.

Lingering Damage

Unfortunately, the damage to the walls and infrastructure of Uxil caused by years of neglect and fighting proved to be too much to be fixed quickly. As such, the third action was to create a formal military tasked with keeping the citizens of Uxil safe from the predators that had acquired a taste for human flesh. As they worked to expand the walls, it soon became apparent that the recent fighting had caused a lot of damage to the nearby farmland and destroyed a portion of the stored grains. With the people under threat of starving in the coming winter, Meng wrote to Jenevieve Jenna Loren, Lorenzo Rossi's wife, asking for assistance from another victim of the Braris Empire. In addition to gifting Uxil a dozen ships, Sanctuary provided the new country of Uxil supplies for a year and established a trade alliance.   With this assistance, Uxil was able to focus on developing new farmland and building new walls without fear of the people starving. However, this expansion was met with resistance from the countries of Salgat and Jarvi, established by the groups that'd left after the fall of the Tu emperor. Xing and Meng attempted to solve the problem peacefully, but it soon became apparent that the two landlocked countries wanted to take the newly establish Uxil farmland for themselves. And once again fighting broke out, lasting a few months until the Salgattan and Jarvi forces were pushed back. With the Uxili military patrolling the lands, walls were able to be built protecting the farms from wild animals and the neighboring peoples. However, due to limited sources of limestone and metals on Samolyra, Uxil was forced to import all of the material needed to build their walls.   Even with the help from Sanctuary, importing so much stone and metal caused tremendous economic strain on the fledgling city and significantly slowed the construction of the walls. So, for the next few decades, the Uxili military was the only thing protecting the people from invasions from Salgat and Jarvi requiring more people to join and the metals imported to be used in the creation of weapons and armor. Trees were briefly cut down to build temporary walls that stone walls could be built around, but after the first few were set on fire by enemy forces.


In the centuries since its establishment, Uxil has slowly built trade routes and built up an economy by selling skins and hides of rare animals and weapons and armor of high quality. This trade has allowed them to continue the construction of walls, however, periodical attacks from the other two countries have caused this construction to frequently come to a halt with the shortest periods being a week or two and the longest (typically when Salgat and Jarvi attack together) being a few years. With the attention so focused on building walls, the buildings of Uxil have become wholly neglected with many sporting ivies or vines or other kinds of plant life. Wood has been used to create or rebuild structures that are in danger of collapsing or have collapsed. But, with most of the population focused on food production, trade, smithing, and fighting, there typically isn't much thought given to the infrastructure of Uxil itself.

Recent History

Recently, a new king by the name of Lu Zhi has come to power which has caused a bit of controversy as Lu Zhi is the son of the previous king Cheng Zhi. Although some children of kings and queens have been elected to the throne, they are the minority and have only been chosen because their achievements stand apart from their parents. Most of the Uxili rulers have been soldiers who achieved victory or merchants who brought wealth to both themselves and Uxil. Lu Zhi, unlike most kings, is thought to have not made enough of a name for him to be qualified for the throne. Although he has fought numerous battles against Salgattan and Jarvi forces, he had yet to rise above the rank of Lieutenant and hadn't done anything to distinguish him from amongst his peers.   Additionally, his father had never actually named Lu Zhi, his heir nor had he named any heir, as in his fifties, Cheng Zhi was expected to live longer than he did. Tragically, a sudden illness brought an end to his life before he could officially name one. Around the time of his funeral, it was thought one of the generals would be declared the next ruler, but Cheng Zhi's widow Xiong Zhi declared at the king's funeral that he had named Lu Zhi, his heir on his deathbed. Some Uxili believes this is true, and support the nomination of Lu Zhi as King. But a number, including members of the military, speak openly of how Lu Zhi is not fit to be king and that Xiong Zhi is lying to put her son on the throne. Some have even gone so far as to say she poisoned her husband because he was thinking of naming someone other than their son his heir.   As of yet, no violence has broken out, but in a country like Uxil, its likely only a matter of time.
Founding Date
Uxil: 792 B.R.C
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Related Ethnicities



Demographics of Uxil

92% Uxili
8%* Minorities
*Roughly 1% is made up of foreign merchants or hunters who own a second home in Uxil.

Birth/Death rate

During peace time:
12.95 births per 1,000
10.95 deaths per 1,000
During wartime:
15.05 births per 1,000
15.95 deaths per 1,000

Sex Ratio

45% male
55% female
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Their military might, sustainability and trade are among its greatest strengths.
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Uxil is a meritocracy whose current leader, Lu Zhi, was only elected a few years ago.
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Unfortunately, Lu Zhi is quite controversial, causing a number of opposing groups to appear.
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Uxil's greatest asset would be their official and unofficial military might. Roughly a fifth of the adult population is enlisted in their army and thousands more make their living doing mercenary work.
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