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The Plague Lands

Written by littletoes101

"Well... Psi'aphiu-Li'arsr isn't exactly what you might call a tourist destination," Braakklavkol explains. "It's got rebellion in the air."
— From Chapter ??? of Book 0 - After Man.
  Psi'aphiu-Li'arsr is a generally amicable nation when it comes to other nations. However, within its own borders, its people are constantly at odds with the government, as many do not trust their political leaders. The nation has a long history of oppressing its cats, and though things have changed in recent decades, many cats still rightfully have issues with how the country is run.


Psi-aphiu-Li'arsr is ruled by a King or Queen and their mate. The firstborn cub, regardless of gender, is the heir and will inherit the throne. However, the royal family has little to no real political power. They are, essentially, simply figureheads for the real workers of the government: the Oligarchy called the Circle of Felines.   The Circle of Felines is a group of elder felines who form the laws and structure of the country's government. There are anywhere from six to twelve of them at one time. There is always a Head Feline, usually the oldest of the group, and that cat essentially makes all of the rules the rest must follow. Unfortunately for the Circle, the citizens of Psi'aphiu-Li'arsr are growing tired of them.


Founded in 1458 by a single roving male Machairodus coloradensis, the idea was originally simply to create his own pride away from the confines of other nations, where he felt as though he was unable to properly express his wild roots. He ended up attracting a few other cats, who felt similarly and wanted to be free from the oppression they faced. Ironic, considering what the nation he founded would later become known for.

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