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Labsoea is a feudal government ruled by the nobility where the king and queen are supported by the royal court.

Public Agenda

The labosean nobility wish to uphold the honour of their people and give their blessing of civilisation.


They are known for their mighty knights and wealthy mines. Their large fortress and castles are symbols of power and the peasantry farm the mostly fertile land for food.

Demography and Population

The population is heavily divided by class, with the gap between nobility and peasantry being large. There is a small population of middle-class merchants that really act as the link between the nobility and peasantry. The noble population is rather large with many noble families dividing the lands among themselves.


The combined fiefdoms of the nobility of Labosea.


The military is made up of highly trained well armoured noble knights and peasant soldiers. The peasant soldier can range from somewhat trained and armoured guards to conscripted farmers with nothing but a pitchfork if the men are necessary. Large trebuchets make up the artillery of their armies. The knights are well-trained cavalry and infantry, where the labosean cavalry is famous but in recent years their extensive trading navy has lead to a switch toward infantry. Women would never be found near the battlefield.


All deities are openly worshipped in Labosea but any other type of worship is not only illegal but actively destroyed. There is a heavy following of Rhidite, Maurs and Solarii by the nobility where among the peasantry worship to Heerth, Thimella and Choronis is favoured.

Foreign Relations

The wealth and military of Labosea cannot be ignored so many foreign powers trade via the inner sea but labose themselves clash a lot with most powers as they cannot understand the zelotry of their nobility.

Agriculture & Industry

The rich open plains of labosea are famous for the endless fields of wheat and large pastures where horses and other farm animals graze. MInes and other industrial places line the mountainside.

Trade & Transport

WIthin labosea large trade network connects the towns so nobles can quickly trade resources. The large cobbled roads that scatter the landscapes quicken trade agreements.


The peasantry are rarely educated, only the ones who are chosen for higher tasks like collecting taxes. With nobility the education is split, men are trained to be knights where they are taught both how to fight, enforce the law and lead armies. Women are taught statecraft, law and history. It is not uncommon for noblemen to only be able to read simple letter conveying information and orders. It is very rare for a nobleman to learn magic but if a noblewoman showed particular affinity they are taught how to use these skills to enhance their role.


Due to the efficiency of the peasantry, there is a large infrastructure that supports the kingdom, The cities and towns have large extensive sewers and road networks. Bridges and towers dot the landscapes between the walled cities and towns of the kingdoms.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
Originally Labosea was very self-sustaining but now trade a lot of their raw resources like grain, ore and their famous wine.
Major Imports
The nobility import luxuries of the world for themselves. Fine silks and gems come from all over to fill the pockets of the nobility.
Legislative Body
The current queen and female members of the court have complete control over all current laws.
Judicial Body
The king and knights of the court have complete control of carrying out the laws and military action of the kingdom.

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