angelicomen's Summer Camp 2019 - 3/ 30 prompts completed | World Anvil

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SUMMER CAMP IS HERE! You know what that means!!
  • Get inspired by answering 30 worldbuilding prompts over July 2019
  • Develop your world or start a new one
  • Over $5000 dollars of prizes up for grabs!

  • World Anvil's Summer Camp is a worldbuilding challenge like no other! We challenge you to answer 30 worldbuilding prompts - in whichever world and whichever order you like - during July! Each entry should be at least 300 words, and a new article.
        There's over $5000 dollars worth of Prizes to be won from our AMAZING sponsors - including DungeonFog, Great GM, Caeora, Tabletop Loot and Ironrise Games! Prizes are given out via prize draws for those who successfully complete the Gold (30 prompts completed), Silver (20 prompts completed) or Copper (10 prompts completed) achievements. The full rules are at the bottom of this page! :)
        One of the best things about Summer Camp is the community support - everyone rallies together on multiple platforms - Twitter, Discord, Facebook - to share ideas and support one another! World Anvil is a community of 350,000 worldbuilders who love to help each other!