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Shikahn is the largest country on the continent of Allesiya. It is a land of dense forests, and high mountains. The Red Forest cuts through the western half of the country, and has isolated those living in the northwest. The Shirain Mountains cut through the center of the country, splitting the eastern half of the country from the western.  

A Shattered Country

Shikahn was once a much more unified country than it is today. Enormous tunnel systems span the width of the Shirain Mountains, allowing travel between the eastern and western halves of the country. However, due to the spread of the highly dangerous material known as Vitralus, many of these tunnel systems are now in disuse. Additionally, 35 years ago, the extent of the Red Forest was much more controlled due to the location of the old capital, Saito on the northern edge of Lake Athaline. Carefully cultivated paths through the bizarre landscape were made, allowing passage safe from the Celestial Beasts that inhabit the forest. After Saito's destruction at the hands of the Dark God, his Knights and the Children of the Blinded Sun, the capital was relocated to the southern edge of Lake Athaline, and the monthly burns of the forest to the north were abandoned. Now, the only way to reach the northern towns is via boat.   As a result of the difficulties travelling through Shikahn, and due to various grabs for territory by neighboring countries, many of the Shikahni are suspicious of outsiders.


Shikahn was once the most powerful country on the continent of Allesiya, and one of the most powerful mortal-controlled territories on the entire planet.   Many years in the past, Shikahn was the only country where children who could connect with Shoni Sprites (now known as Shonia) were born regularly. These powerful mages made Shikahn a force to be reckoned with in their own right, and large swathes of land were claimed in the name of the Shikahni Empire.   Accounts differ between Shikahni history books, and those of other countries as to how the Empire fell. According to the vast majority of the history books of the world, pleas to the Gods finally seemed to hit their mark, as more and more Shonia were born in other countries. Their powers abruptly not as awe inspiring as they once were, the Shikahni were quickly beaten back to their own borders. These conflicts allowed the nation of Kitain to regain large amounts of territory in the north, and allowed both Andaikos and Soren to win their independence from Shikahn.   The most recent conflicts have been with the nation of Rahnik, populated by one of the eight elemental dragon species native to Tarin, the Rahnika. Borders were contested, and the Rahnika began to move further and further south. Twenty six years ago, after 4 years of fighting, Shikahn was able to stop the Rahnika from claiming additional land, and a tenuous truce has been reached.   The daughter of Rahnik's royal family was wed to the King of Shikahn's younger brother as he had no sons to offer at the time. The people of Shikahn see their union as a hope of peace for the future.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Shikahni Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Controlled Territories


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