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Underwater metropolis of the Merfolk



Deep within the Atlantic Ocean lies a piece of a forgotten world, the fallen city of Atlantis. There, the Merfolk have made their living, transforming the sunken ruins into a prosperous nation. Today Atlantis is a mythical place, albeit real, surrounded in mystery since most people can't go there and see the city for themselves. But one certainly can't deny the wealth and the technologies that the Atlanteans possess.


The Atlantean government is rather minimalistic, but not absent. Since most of their society depends on trading and services to other communities and the Rovers, the politicians try to keep their hands away from the market. The government is composed of three parties, two in opposition and the third one representing the undecided merfolk.


Since it is a city-state, the history of the government of Atlantis is heavily intertwined with the history of the city itself. After the Calamity and the fall of Atlantis, the remaining survivors aboard the city had to live with the few resources they had left. But these resources eventually started to run out, resulting in numerous conflicts for food, dividing the people into smaller factions that fought each other to survive. Still, fighting wasn't solving their issue, and they found themselves against the wall: their only options were to either try to swim up and leave the ocean or stay and find more resources down in the sea.

Most of them wanted to leave but traveling a few kilometers up through the water, and them many more to reach the continent, even with magic it was a suicide journey. Some left anyway never to be heard from again, but most of them opted to stay and use their magic for hunting and gathering. In time, this lead them into a new era, when they started working together and had access to the nearly-unlimited food source that is the sea.

As the generations passed, the use of Water magic began to evolve the Atlanteans into merfolk, making their traversal through the sea gradually easier. Along with that, they were able to recover many of the machines and equipment in the city, quickly transforming the Atlanteans in on the greatest nations on the planet.

Geopolitical, City-state
s. Atlantean; pl. Atlanteans
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Economic System
Market economy
Organization Vehicles

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