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The small country of Sindmoore is one of the few countries who's land has avoided the brunt of the quake storms. Many fear that its time will run out, but for now it remains a relative safe haven for those who can make the journey to it. Castle Kire is the current capital, which may change if quakes motivate a change of home for the current Queens. Many of the outer settlements have been deserted, consolidating closer to Castle Kire.   Sindmoore's military was a small one, but after the quake storm it has found itself to be one of the most powerful armies still standing. Many of the greatest adventurers throughout the wasteland have offered their services as a Knight of the Sindmoore military, in return for a bed with a roof over it.   More devious leaders would find the current situation to be a grand opportunity for expansion, many other nations have tried, but the Queens are focused only on preservation. They know that an expansion would only spread the country thin, easily scattered in the event of a massive quake storm.


The two Queens rule with many advisers.

Public Agenda

To survive without the cost of public freedom and comfort.


Originally ruled by a King, or more accurately, ruled by a commerce guild who paid the King, the initial quake storm offered an opportunity to for the yet-to-be queens, originally high ranking military members. The coup was quick, as after the quake storm destroyed the trade commerce that was keeping the country alive, many were looking to an alternative.   The trade guild put up a fight, the Iron Keep was a well fortified, nearly impenetrable home of the King and his so called "followers". How it fell is not exactly known, when the yet-to-be queens and their army marched upon the keep, they laid siege for several days. It was on the fourth night that the Iron Keep fell, seemingly within an instant. Military reports record first hand accounts of bright red fire appearing from above the Iron Keep during the night. Whatever it was, it rendered the Keep utterly destroyed. Pools of melted gold lay beneath the rubble.

To The End

Geopolitical, Theocracy

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