The Hub Accord

Written by Ademal

The Hub Accord is the accordant rules, agreements, and trade trusts established between the Banners. In the loosest sense of the term, it is the universal government.

Days of Chaos

Before the Accord there was only chaos, though many would argue that the situation hasn't changed in the time since. The Banners tried to get ahead of each other by any means possible—violence, subterfuge, propaganda, psy-ops, and so forth.   This age of chaos was not sustainable, and came to an explosive end with the beginning of the Melancholic Lacuna.  

Forging the Accord

In the onset of the Melancholic Lacuna it became clear that the Banners needed to coordinate to survive. The could not put aside their differences, but they could agree to some trade agreements and on some basic laws and rules for interaction.   These base laws and rights form the spine of the Accord, though are more applicable to the leaders of the Banners than to their citizens.  

Constant Friction

The Banners are constantly trying to introduce new aspects to the accord—rights they deem critical or actions the claim must be taken for the betterment of all. Few of these can be agreed upon, however, and it's incredibly rare that new rules are added.

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Nobody likes the accord. Nobody. But it keeps us all from ripping each other to shreds all the time so it'll have to do.



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Summer Camp Prompt 9

Describe a country in your world, including its political structure and history.

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