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Ghōnsalā (घोंसला)

Ghōnsalā is an independent state on the continent of Vishundrata. It has a monarchy headed by an Emperor (samrāṭa, सम्राट) but is overseen by an oligarchy of representatives from the three provinces, prānta (प्रांत) in the local tongue. It is the smallest of the four Vishundrata empires, more akin to the size of a kingdom.   Spreading out form the southern slopes of the Bakh Mountains, Ghōnsalā comprises of a mixture of alpine and jungle regions. This combination of geographies has led to the evolution of a number of distinct and exotic species. The most iconic is the tygrodil, a large cat with opaque fur that causes it to take on the colour of its surroundings. It is an impossibly difficult creature to spot, which combined with its powerful bite and razor-sharp claws makes the tygrodil a killer. It produces a high yelp when it hunts which echo through the mountains. There are few mythological creatures in Ghōnsalā because the tygrodil means they aren’t needed.   The Ghōnsalā jungle extends to the River Chand. Ghōnsalā has little contact with the outside world, so there are few crossing points to get into Candador on the other side of the Chand. Ghōnsalā's other neighbours are small kingdoms that act as a buffer against the nomadic Monsamese, there is more trade with these small kingdoms but still no diplomacy exists.   Ghōnsalā’s monarchy is unique. An Emperor holds the feathered crown, and the crown is passed down to the husband of the eldest daughter. This replaced the abolished succession of the eldest male heir, as having to select a husband for a daughter made the Emperor choose carefully. The ideal choice would naturally be someone who could look after the princess, therefore someone who could take care of an empire.   Provincial representatives give council to the Emperor. Hāvā (हावा), Pr̥thvī (Pr̥thvī) and Pānī (पानी) are the names of the three provinces, each of which send three delegates to the Āgōmhala (आगोमहल), at the very centre of Ghōnsalā. In Āgōmhala the representatives council the Emperor on all matters of state, and thus matters of state are resolved by those knowledgeable enough to handle them.   During the Age of Darkness the Ghōnsalā fought against the hordes of beasts that would descend from the Bakh Mountains. It is not known if those beasts came as a scourge of the gods or by any other means. By the 6th Century After Darkness the beasts were pushed to the brink of existence, allowing the Ghōnsalā to enter a golden age.   Ghōnsalā reclaimed lost lands up to the River Chand in the south-west and aided the principalities and kingdoms to defend themselves against Monsam. When their borders were secure the Ghōnsalā cut themselves off from the rest of Gardia. A tactic that worked well to protect Ghōnsalā, until the arrival of the stubborn Marish explorers.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Tygr to the Evergardians
Government System

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