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Free League

The whole ideology of the Free League is living so as not to cause any problems to others.
— Molnet Beltyth
The Free League is a federation of villages across the Garden of Spirits. Due to the dangerous nature of the region, only deities and powerful mages settle in it. Combined with all important decisions made by means of voting and high levels of autonomy in villages that are part of it, the Free League is seen as the most peaceful place there is to be found.


The majority of the issues are handled on a settlement-level basis. However, the matters of the regional importance, such as the lottery for the Civil Patrol, are handled on nationwide meetings which occur at least once a year. There are five different levels of citizenship one could have in the Free League, based on how much time they live there every year:   More than 300 days a year: can own land and property in settlements within a 1-mile radius around Belletawa Mountain, has four votes in any voting and four draws in a lottery for the Civil Watch.   More than 250 days a year: 5-mile radius, three votes and three draws.   More than 200 days a year: 10-mile radius, two votes and two draws.   More than 100 days a year: 20-mile radius, one vote and one draw.   Less than 100 days a year: can only own land and property outside the 20-mile radius around Belletawa Mountain, has no voting rights and do not participate in the Civil Watch lottery.


The Free League was formally founded about two thousand years ago. While its laws have barely changed ever since, the number of settlements and population has been steadily growing over time. Moreover, there has been lately an increase in the variety of races and ethnicities within the borders, leading to rapid social integration.


The Civil Patrol, comprised of citizens by means of lottery, keeps watch over the land. Their main job is to make sure no danger is born within the borders of the Free League as well as to safeguard Belletawa Mountain and, more importantly, the Pool of Life. In addition, the countless spirits and magic beasts act as the first line of defense against anyone who would dare to intrude the region.
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Realm of Gods, Divine Realm
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Power Structure
Economic System

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