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Pool of Life

I have been to Belletawa Mountain and stepped into the Pool of Life. The feeling of all that immeasurable power flowing through you... It is very hard not to lose yourself in it.
— Molnet Beltyth
Although very few people have ever seen it, the Pool of Life is what underlies most tales and legends surrounding the Garden of Spirits. Located on top of Belletawa Mountain, it is famed to be the most potent Place of Power ever found. However, there is more to it than that. The Pool of Life is embued with tremendous amounts of divine energy, enough to change the rules of the world around it and even start emanating said energy.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Pool of Life has remained ever the same. By absorbing the divine energy released by gods in the process of evolution, the water in the Pool became an enormously potent concentrate over time. As such, it is capable of healing even the damage suffered by the aura as well as any injuries sustained by the body of the person put into the waters of the Pool.   However, its healing capabilities are so strong that nearly any creature would die instantly from all the energy flowing in and ripping their aura to shreds. Moreover, one could quickly become addicted to the Pool's power, losing themselves in the process. Thus, only those with complex aura and strong will are allowed into the waters of the Lifeless Pool. Most commonly, it is used by gods undergoing the process of evolution to negate the damage to aura caused by it.


There is no public knowledge of when the Pool of Life was discovered or how it first came to be be used like that. The legends surrounding the Pool of Life, and the Belletawa Mountain in general, trace back thousands of years. In the past centuries, however, they are most commonly mentioned in connection with the Garden of Spirits, a region most affected by the Pool's power.
Alternative Names
Lifeless Pool, Cradle of Gods
Natural Wonder
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Belletawa Mountain

In the centre of the Garden of Spirits stands Belletawa Mountain. Completely shrouded in rumours, even more than everything else concerning this region, the mountain is considered sacred by all races. Many people believe it to be the place where future gods are born, often attempting to reach it to no avail.  

Garden of Spirits

The Garden of Spirits is the region surrounding Belletawa Mountain. Heavily influenced by the arcane and divine energies seeping from the Pool of Life, it is sprawling with life and magic beings, including countless spirits. As such, the region is very sparsely populated and inhabited exclusively by deities and powerful mages.

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