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Originally a large estate and its surrounding lands, Arcana became its own country due to the considerable magical influence of The Goldaming Family. Now a neutral nation consisting solely of the Goldamings and those under their employ, Arcana is well known for its efforts in furthering the magical arts.


Arcana is ruled by a Council of Elders consisting of eight members of The Goldaming Family. The position is elective, with members serving a five year term. While an individual may serve any number of terms on the Council those terms must be non-consecutive.

Public Agenda

The primary goal of Arcana is to further the study of the magical arts in all its many forms.


Originally Arcana was simply The Goldaming Estate, a sizeable estate utilized by The Goldaming Family for their magical research. As more servants and other assistants were required to support the ever-expanding family additional housing was constructed, eventually forming the town of Haven.   Due to the family's disinterest in politics, as well as their considerable skills in the arcane arts, they eventually negotiated their way to their own country, Arcana, consisting solely of the grounds belonging to the Goldaming family.

Demography and Population

The lands of Arcana are owned by The Goldaming Family, and all citizens of the country are either members of the family or employed by them. The Goldamings currently present in Arcana typically reside in The Goldaming Estate, while the adjacent town of Haven houses the majority of those within their employ. The full lands of Arcana consist of Haven, the Estate, and the surrounding lands.


Arcana is defended by a mix of hired soldiers and mages as well as members of The Goldaming Family with an interest in the subject of magical defense and combat.

Technological Level

Any technologies involving magic are available to the citizens of Arcana. Many of these technologies were even invented there.

Foreign Relations

As The Goldaming Family and therefore Arcana itself is only interested in the furthering of magical understanding, they remain outside of the petty squabbles of the world. And because the Goldamings are well known for their mastery of the subject of magic in all its known forms, and probably due to the fates of those who sought to challenge Arcana's disinterest in current politics, the nations of the world wisely leave the magical family to their own devices.

Agriculture & Industry

Arcana produces the majority of its daily needs within its borders, hiring the necessary farmers, artisans, and professionals to work for The Goldaming Family. These employees are provided with housing, food, and a reasonable stipend to cover other wants and needs. All inhabitants of Arcana are either Goldamings, their apprentices, or hired labor to fulfill the needs of Arcana's residents.

Trade & Transport

Arcana's main focus is on the furthering of magical understanding. As a result its main imports are specialized equipment for magical study, while its main exports are the magical results and products of these efforts. The bulk of travel to and from Arcana passes through The Portal Exchange.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Arcana does not have its own currency, but rather accepts any currencies from the nations with which they do business.
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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