Originally a small collection of housing built to provide residences for employees of The Goldaming Family, the rapid growth of the family and their research has given rise to the town of Haven.


The population of Haven consists entirely of employees of The Goldaming Family and their immediate families who do not live directly on the The Goldaming Estate. As a result the town is full of craftsmen and magic users from all over Fillimet.


Haven is the only town in Arcana and is therefore under full governance of The Goldaming Family and their Council of Elders.


Haven is defended by a mix of hired soldiers and mages as well as members of The Goldaming Family with an interest in the subject of magical defense and combat. The curiosity of the Goldamings is legendary and so is the skill and magical might of their defenses. The Goldamings' vast trade networks also serve as a defense of sorts, since trade and therefore future Goldaming inventions and discoveries would be prohibited to any who dared threaten the sovereignty of Arcana.

Industry & Trade

The town of Haven is owned entirely by The Goldaming Family. Housing and a stipend is provided for all employees of the family, with most residing in Haven. The citizens of Haven are therefore exempt from any taxes unless trading items outside of Arcana. The Goldaming family maintains the town of Haven, drawing its funds from the fees levied against members of the family and taxes on trade outside of Arcana.


As the infrastructure required to support the magical pursuits of The Goldaming Family expanded, so too did the requirements for assistants, craftsmen, and other services. Additional housing was constructed as needed to support this expansion, eventually forming the town of Haven. While reasonably close to The Goldaming Estate, Haven is fairly calm and quiet by comparison due to the distinct lack of research-driven mage's and their frequently destructive experimentation.
Large town
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