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Ronson Republic

Nation on the Terran continent of Antarctica, ruled by the immortal Jorgus Ronson.


Ronson, a homo immortalis product of genetic engineering, managed to acquire a vast sum of wealth in his first few centuries of life. He achieved this almost passively through the principle behind Piketty's Law: the observation that wealth in a market economy will inevitably accrue upwards into the hands of a few dynastic fortunes. Ronson, being possessed of arbitrarily long lifespan, never had to worry about passing his wealth on to heirs who might foolishly squander it, and hence was able to continue building his fortune until it reached the point where he was able to outright buy the Antarctican continent at Terra's south pole, one of the few fertile areas on the planet left unravaged by centuries of war and ecological neglect, and the only place from which Maximus Mortus did not remove humans during his Great Extirpation.


Ever since its founding, the Ronson Republic has been ruled by and for the benefit of its owner. If a proposed course of action benefits Jorgus Ronson, it is automatically good, and if not it is automatically bad. Centuries of greed have warped his thinking such that self-interest is his only motive. The effects of his actions on other people do not factor into his thought process except insofar as they might lead to damages against him through e.g. negative public perception. He used to be more altruistic, but his desire to maintain power has led to him devoting more and more of his resources towards this, keeping himself secure and his close officials well-compensated to preclude thoughts of a coup. His citizens generally tolerate him since he cannot make their lives too miserable without causing mass emigration, though this trust is dangerous since he would not hesitate to screw them over if it benefited him and he could get away with it.
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