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Stormholt |O|

Public Agenda

Stormholt has no public agenda and is simply looking out for themselves.


The total known assets for Stormholt are mostly unknown. Due to corruption, no organization, and lack of knowledgable and skilled people assessing what they have is a difficult task to handle. Most often Stormholt gets things done by guessing.


Stormholt is the result of years of fighting between Mexican cartels in Mexico. After the T-virus outbreak, the cartels ran even wilder than before, killing and robbing without any chance of punishment. The fighting grew to involve the entirety of former Mexico. Eventually, the fighting killed people more quickly than could be replaced and the cartels began to settle. They made allegiances and bonds and created Stormholt out of the damages of former Mexico.


Stomholt includes all of what used to be Mexico and some of former Guatemala and Belize.


There is no officially recognized country religion.

Foreign Relations

Since Stormholt's creation, they've had a troublesome relationship with Dovahnor due to past relations between Mexico and the United States. Alex Daddario Taylor has not made those relations any better after forcing Stormholt to transfer of to the new dollar system in order to trade, communicate, or interact with the rest of the @Divided States. There is a strong, but polite animosity between Alex and the queen of Stormholt.


The infrastructure to Stormholt is very sloppy, unorganized, and underfunded due to their past troubles and difficulties with the cartels.

Together against the storm

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
The peso was the official currency for a time being, but Stormholt was forced to switch over to the new dollar by Dovahnor.
Judicial Body
Stormholt does not have a judicial body, the king or queen of Stormholt manages all judiciary issues with a council.
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities


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