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Morknar Realm

The Morknar Technocracy, or Morknar realm is the highest authority in Grishnak that leads all the Morknars over the world. It functions like an elective monarchy, its leader being elected for life whenever the last one passes away.  


Only High-Morknars are allowed within the political structure. Lows are strictly forbidden to take on any responsibility of this importance.  

Keeper of the Great Library

The Keeper is the highest member of the Technocracy. They are chosen within the brightest members of the Morknar society, usually among the High-Council, and will lead nearly for the rest of their life.   The name of the position comes from the critical responsibility that comes with it: inheriting the Great Morknar runic library that was passed on for centuries, from Keeper to Keeper. They also take the macro decisions concerning the realm and get three voices in the High-Council's votes.   Whenever the current leader starts showing signs of severe illness or old age, they have to pass on their role and the library to their elected successor, losing all memories of the runic library themselves. Afterward, they usually go back to their old life and/or join the High-Council as a regular member.  


The High-Council is the authority that takes the micro decisions for the realm and serves as a tribunal for High-Morknars. A total of 20 seats are available.   Members of the High-Council are chosen every three years among the High-Morknars that contributed the most to the scientific progress of the country, or to those who participated in managing the realm in any way.   Scientists can show their work in the Grishakian exposition held at the same frequency, where all the current council members gather. The new members will be chosen shortly afterward, by a vote that all High-Morknars can participate in. The current Keeper gets to choose three members that will automatically have a seat.

Knowledge, Wisdom, Ambition.

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Official State Religion
Official Languages
The council had a rough time after the outbreak of The Dark Flood. The Low Morknars rioted after they knew that it was a failed magic experiment. It kind of makes sense, they've been told that they were not smart enough to lead for their whole life. No wonder things heat up when they see that they lost their lands, maybe some friends or family because of the stupidity of the "Brightest minds of society."

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