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Grishnak is Morknars' homeland. What was once the pinnacle of modern science and vast, lush land is now mostly inhabitable if not deadly. 230 years ago, a secret runic experiment went out of control in the capital and unleashed The Dark Flood on the lands. Only the southernmost peninsula of Grishnak, Hope's end, is still intact.  
It was like a lightning strike. Each time a containment rune broke, another massive explosion brimmed the Daygrasp Cathedral. Soon enough, every single High Morknar in the city gathered around the building in a desperate attempt to contain The Dark Flood within. A wall of runes raised, carved in the stone or in the air, and we prayed.   This only gave time to most of the Lows to evacuate and start spreading the message to do so on the whole continent. Riders departed on every road to inform as many people of the impending doom that was approaching.   The eldest Highs stayed as more and more containment runes broke so that the rest of us could leave. All of them perished.   On that fateful day, we almost lost everything.
Vistak Firin Geree - "Grishnak the fallen."

Devastation itself

The Dark Flood served its purpose well. Everything that was once alive - plants or animals - is now dead. The soil is infertile, water is poisoned, even the air can be toxic and heavy. Morknars learned the latter at their own expense when the first windstorm from the north came upon Hope's end.   Those who lived closer to the north and thus to the corruption fell prey to many diseases carried by the winds, often leading to death. An additional layer of wind runes was then built to prevent this from happening again, keeping the poisonous gales north.

Last bastion of hope

Morknars could not contain the flood at its source, Daygrasp, as the spell was at its peak strength. The former Keeper of the Great Library led their people south, to Hope's end.   The access to the peninsula was narrow enough for a runic water wall could be built in time. As expected, the water stopped the corruption and kept the peninsula safe. As soon as they arrived, the refugees started to rebuild their civilization there, while colonizers were sent all over the world to seek a new land.
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Roughly 4000x2000 km
4 000 000 inhabitants
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200 000
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5 Jul, 2019 16:05

Sounds like a horribly devastating event! Something on par with Chernobyl in our world, I suppose. Very nice!

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Oh yeah. Sadly SC doesn't have a prompt for me to write about the Dark Flood, but it's a truly devastating spell. Still, Morknars kind of played with fire and they got burnt.

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5 Jul, 2019 16:32

Oh wow. I have to say, reading this article in a dark room has managed to scare me shitless and i mean REALLY scare me shitless. The way the quote described the dark flood, and the ruin it brought upon the morknar civilization. Its kinda like lovecraftian horror if you ask me, something which i love a lot in fiction! Lets first get to what i liked about this article! the Firstly, the way you portray this event is just hauntingly beautiful. The way you"ve described the event without going more deeper into the event itself was what i liked the most! It makes me hunger for more of the content and want to see what is this mysterious and sinister event that befell the morknars. The formatting is also incredible too and with the interactive map on the sidebar combined with the columns make this article easy to read too!   As for the content itself, i had a few questions to ask!   1) What do other civilizations like the gerouns and humans know about this cataclysm?   2) Has there been any effort by the Morknars to slowly reclaim their land? Maybe even purify it?   What i liked most about this article again, is the writing quality you had here. I liked it because it portrays an atmosphere of horror spectacularly and keeps the reader interested and hungering for more from the article itself. Congrats happy and keep up the amazing work!