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Arcane Silk

I ordered a handmade robe from Grishnak, using Arcane Silk. Smell that? It's the rune engraved within the cloth, whenever I activate them, they perfume my clothes with a rose scent. Amazing, isn't it?
  Arcane Silk is a material made out of natural silk that is enchanted, usually with runes, to have a particular effect under certain circumstances.  


The first uses of Arcane Silk were in Grishnak . Avera Fiktri invented it, originally to help her around hot weather. She invented a spell that sprayed cold air and made it into a rune that she weaved into her clothes. After a few tries, she discovered that runes made with silk were the most efficient, as the same rune had a better power output on clothes made with it.   Morknars being uneasy around hot temperatures, she was able to stay focused during her studies on a deserted island.   She presented the idea at the Grishnakian exposition the following year and unintentionally started a fashion. People reached out to her to be taught how to weave the runes in the best possible way and started to make their own variants.   From a pure utility usage, a lot of creative variations were invented. Even today, it is not unusual to see wealthy or High Morknars strutting around with arcane silk. Perfumed clothes, disguises, decorations... the possibilities are infinite.  
Psst... Have you seen Lady Johansen's dress? I am pretty sure it was blue when I first saw it, but now it's red! I'm sure it's made out of Arcane Silk... how beautiful!

Worldwide success

Arcane Silk became a huge thing in Human lands when they met Morknars. Nobility from both the Empire and the Coalition fought to get their hands on handmade clothing to show off at soirées and meetings.   Of course, it was not long before military usages were considered. Arcane Silk went back to its original usage when the first armors with underlayers of silk were crafted. Nowadays, most soldiers fighting in the war for Seaglow wear one of these.
Range from expensive to very expensive.
Each clothing is unique
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