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Avera Fiktri

There's no point in keeping everything we know for us. Sure, let us keep our military advances and secrets, but we have everything to gain by allowing the rest of the world profit from our civil technologies.   We are Morknars, we live to serve science and discover the inner secrets of the world itself. We have everything to win by making the world a better place, and by promoting knowledge.   We are Morknars. In the end, we will always be ahead, as it is our nature. So let us share today's advances. We will still be hired to share tomorrow's.
  Avera Fiktri is a well-known Morknars that lived in the last century. She was one of the brightest minds of her time, and was often invited to the High council but always refused it. She loved the researches she did while traveling, a thing that being in the committee would have made impossible.  


Like many High-Morknars of all times, Avera researched and invented many things. And she was good at it. In a mere lifetime, she invented two things broadly used by her kind and created a custom that managed to keep her realm's economy afloat.   By traveling, Avera noticed that the world was eager to learn and improve. She got hired to advise Humans and modernize their infrastructures and got back to Grishnak to design the first Morknar counseling contracts.   As a successful scientist, she needed specific tools for her research wherever she was. She designed the first Science cart for her journey on Aiqura.   Venturing in dangerous lands, she adapted to her environment and crafted tools and clothes fitting the conditions she was working in. Later following year, Arcane Silk was exploding in the Morknar society.  
She was really strong-headed. That's to be expected though, most of our best inventors were. But still, few managed to leave such a positive impact on their single lifetime.
74 186 112 years old

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