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Morknar counseling

Among the many ways Morknars found to keep their economy afloat after losing their homeland, counseling is by far the most popular. They offer their knowledge and expertise on a domain to anyone who can pay for it.  
I had never seen the fuckin giant birds before, but hey they kinda smart. Now we cut wood faster, so we can sell more, I like it. I been an ass to em when they arrived but they stayed cool and just keep tryin teachin me and heck I ended learning. I paid them a few rounds at the inn later to apologize.
— A woodcutter from Elyades

Knowledge on-demand

Nothing is easier than hiring a group of High-Morknars for expertise and advice. All one needs to do is to send a letter to the High Council, including which domain(s) they want help on and what exactly they are expecting. The council will check on every registered researcher on the given subject they have, get in touch with them and send them to the client. Morknar counseling can be pretty expensive, hence their clients being mostly states, bourgeois, or nobles.   Services range from private lessons to civil engineering, anything that includes sharing what they know about something.   Several High Morknars are teachers at the Bristanaq university; a lot of groups can be seen all over Menicea, modernizing its infrastructures.  


It was not easy at first to have foreigners teaching Gérouns how to do their jobs better. Most of the people from the countryside did not really like the idea, but ended up listening after they realized it made their lives and work easier.
  Shortly after Morknars met Gérouns over a century ago, both quickly realized that they were meant for each other. The eagerness to share and learn of one met the need to improve and curiosity of the other. Several contracts were signed, making Morknars the first foreign species to be authorized outside of Irisport. Gérouns rarely question the presence of the crow folks on their land anymore as they are pretty much used to see them all the time.  
Some of these “High” birds can be a bit petty. They do magic, which is reserved for the gods. I don’t like that, I want them gone after they’re done teaching.
— A bourgeois from Sylvan-Haven
  It was also the first and only time that the Menicean realm made an exception and allowed mages on its lands. High-Morknars often have runes on their Science carts and tools that they need to work. They were allowed to use their powers on Menicea, against a strict set of rules they absolutely had to follow. The rules are absolute but straightforward, such as not using any spell that is not required for their job.   In exchange of their knowledge, they were offered gold and the possibility to study some parts of the continent. Morknars take notes, document the fauna, flora, and the local culture for their library.  
We were told to limit our usage of magic, but I don’t really need it to see that something is wrong here. This land is overflowing with arcane, yet only one of its inhabitants have magic, this is not normal nor are the microclimates on the north and east. We were also told to be quiet about this.  
Fedvis Zarig Verek, High-Morknar

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