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Science carts

Curiosities piles

Ah, this box here contains a few samples of a rock found in the north of Aiqura. This drawer? Some herbs I am currently studying, I think that they can cure old gérouns' rheumatism. Ah!-- Don't touch this flask, the liquid inside is volatile!!
— Heryt Verk Saqrid, High-Morknar
  Science carts are enormous wagons often pulled by a Fetsirg. They are used by High-Morknars who often have to reassure city guards asking what this mountain of tools and weird objects is. The answer is often the following: " It is the strict minimum to pursue my researches."  


Most High-Morknars were pushed on a scientific career after their mentoring. Their very nature tends to spark their curiosity and thirst of knowledge, which both are rewarded by the Morknar Realm.   While a small portion of the Highs are sedentary and do their experiences from their homes or laboratories, most of them are actually very mobile. They roam the world, settling in a city or a region for a few days to a year, leaving when their business is done. For this reason, and because they like keeping their discoveries with them, they make their own Scientific carts when they go on their first expedition.   The carts have both a collection of tools used for taking measures, making experiences and some of the discoveries made by the owner.    

Multifunction home

The main purpose of a science cart is to have everything a High-Morknar needs to "function" every day. This includes sleeping space, tools adapted to the individual's domain, bread, water, and food for thoughts -usually books-.  
Since High-Morknars find pride in their intelligence, they like to design what will be their home themselves. Thus, each cart is basically unique. Some individuals do not care about having a soft bed and dedicate the whole carriage to the rest of their needs and sleep outside, while others build a small couch.   Designing a Science cart is always a challenge to fit as many useful things on such a small space. Morknars shamelessly abuse drawers, hidden chests, and put as many shelves as possible on each and every wall.
The scalpel? It's in the second row's third drawer on your left when you enter from the right door. You'll find it in the blue cabinet that you need to unlock with the key under the sack of herbs I put inside the fourth hidden chest on the right part of the ceiling.   What do you mean, you're confused?
  A well-designed and optimized cart is something to brag about, which High-Morknars love doing.  

Mirror of oneself

  It is easy to guess a few points about a Morknar's personality by looking at their cart. Some are messy, others are very clean. Some have every single achievement or discovery its owner made, others only have what's needed for their current researches.   High-Morknars aren't the most emotional persons and usually prefer revolving around pragmatism and visible facts, but they do care about their carts. The tools or resources they keep can quickly become targets to greedy bandits, and High-Morknars aren't reluctant on paying a reliable escort to keep their mobile home safe.

High-Morknar glasses

by Cory Trego-Erdner

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