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Arak Tazal

Arak Tazal is the current leader of the Flood Divers on Grishnak. Known for their martial skills as a Vanguard, they were the first leader of the Divers not to be a Sensor.  


As the leader of the Flood Divers, Arak has to juggle with on-the-ground missions and administrative work. While they tend to delegate most of the latter to their subordinates, they dedicate lots of their time to training and motivating troops.   Arak also spends a good amount of time with Kestar Skrill Geree, the current head of the Spire of Science, deciding the next objectives on Divers' list.   Finally, they also personally take part in some of the most difficult Dives, taking on both the roles of Vanguard and Bearer when needed.  


  Arak is a relatively easygoing High-Morknars , something quite uncommon within the Spire of Science. As they made their way up Divers' hierarchy through sheer talent, they managed to gain respect while not being the typical scholar they were expected to be.
Motivation is a fuel that's often more important than food or money to us. When we're out there, in the Flood, all we have is each other.
I don't want to be seen as a distant figure; I want my troops to know me, as much as I want to know them.
— Arak Tazal

(licenced art) by Michal Kvac


Arak came out of the egg in a small village lost in Hope's end's north. Born of Low parents, their @mentor was not expecting to raise a High child. Arak's high stamina when it came to fueling runes was what got them their place on
Current Location
Year of Birth
196 54 Years old
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