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We take no more than we can give.
  Yksinka is a theocratic state ruled by the faithful of Erastil that very much embraces the old ways of hunting and gathering. They have little trade with other states for higher technologies; instead seeking items that supplement their natural lifestyle when they do reach out. Despite their reliance on the land to live, they are perhaps the best survivalists across Iskaldhal - their systems of storage, different varieties of farming and hunting, and small population see that they are well-equipped to survive even the most brutal of winters.


Yksinka's society and government is largely split into four distinct groups based on aspects of Erastil's faith. As such, the faith's 'Four Aspects' are considered to be the four equal leaders of Yksinka:
  • The Aspect of Home, who handles matters of family and citizenship. They work closely with healers and clerics to provide medicine and safe homes to all within Yksinka whilst remaining within the peaceful boundaries Erastil laid out for them.
  • The Aspect of Land, who remains in charge of dealing with farming, food supply, and druidic arts.
  • The Aspect of the Hunt, who organises all manner of hunting and acts of war. Yksinkan paladins most often coordinate with this Aspect.
  • The Aspect of Trade, who is in charge of non-violent diplomatic relations, trade, and craftsmanship.
  • The Aspects each coordinate - they are not distinct. Yksinka's society does revolve around unity, after all.

    Public Agenda

    As a whole, Yksinkan society is solidly focused on living in harmony with nature. Though they hunt and kill, they strive to only utilise sustainable practices. Machinery is rare, and even their capital of Usken is small when compared to the likes of Cihket.


    The theocracy of Yksinka was established a less than a milennia ago by a disgruntled sect of Erastil's faithful who condemned what the then-rulers of the land were doing. Asjand, a human-dominated country leaning into the progression of man, had begun purging those it didn't agree with. The Faith of the Hunt reached out to Gildómar for aid, and the dwarves saw an opportunity to destabilise an irritating enemy. They egged on a civil war that would consume Asjand, only to find many other countries across Iskaldhal also supporting the peaceful Yksinkans.   The country has weathered much since those early days, now finding allies across the world who also see the importance of nature - despite some fundamental differences. Even the Witch-Tribes seem reluctant to interfere with Yksinka's affairs much.

    Demography and Population

    Incredibly mixed and diverse population of Erastil-worshippers, though still primarily human. Half-orc and half-elf are accepted to some extent, with prejudice based more on their lack of respectable family and unnatural birth. Traditional relationships (i.e. those between members of the same species) are generally preferred.


    Yksinka, as a theocratic state, follows the religion of Erastil. They pray to him for guidance in farming and hunting, in peaceful family matters, and for plentiful trade. He is intricately entwined with every aspect of Yksinkan life - from the natural birthing traditions to his condemnation of suicide - and they follow his teachings of simple, meaningful lives.

    Foreign Relations

    Yksinka remains a fairly peaceful nation on good terms with most other countries and groups upon Iskaldhal. They are viewed as being a weaker and more harmless nation, thus their presence is tolerated. They remain a good buffer state between the dominant theocratic state of Gildómar and the irreverent naval force of Hvalgora, despite conflicting with both. Halsgard and Yksinka have a pact of non-aggression, and the female-led country often joins with Yksinka to deal with threats that challenge either.

    Leave naught but footsteps.

    Founding Date
    Geopolitical, Country
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Autonomous area
    Economic System
    Primarily the standard coinage - bartering is, however, well-respected.
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    2 Aug, 2019 06:37

    Pretty cool stuff, I liked the part about trading very little and being, summed up in my words, naturally conservative. I also like how they kinds of turn away from technology. The first made me think of Sparta, who, unlike other Greeks, didn't trade. They didn't ever use coins. And, while no one saw them as weak, they actually avoided war whenever possible, contrary to popular belief. They had a very large slave population and were really afraid of rebellion if their army was off in foreign lands. The bit about technology made me think of fuedal Japan and the US sending a battle ship over to force them to trade with them. Again, really cool stuff. The parts about trade and tech really got my imagination working. I look forward to reading more of your stuff!