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Kingdom of Fishita

Although it's not one of the oldest kingdoms in the world, Fishita is the most diverse. Here an adventurer can meet with wood elves, hill dwarves, mountain dwarves, humans, and lizardfolk without needing to leave the capital. The kingdom also has 2 port cities in which one can travel to distant lands. The ruler-ship of the 2 island cities, Panasonic and Helix, has changed over to Silvanish.


Colors of the kingdom are sea green and deep blue. Knight's platemail armor is steel died sea-green through the firing process only known to smiths in the capital of Fishita. This firing process is expensive and only the knights and high ranking guardsmen have it, the rest of the guards will stain their armor for uniformity.


The king of Fishita rules the lands, his word is law. A group of counselors made up of representatives of elves, dwarves and a few other groups that bring aspects of the kingdom to the king's attention. The king also appoints leaders of the various cities in the kingdom who have counselors of their own that speak to the king.


A tribe of humans decided it was time to stop moving around since Blerda's creation of the rings seemed to have stabilized the world's magic. The year was 1102 Before Demon Wars. The spot they chose to start building their civilization is where the city of Heinlein resides now. 246 years they spread over the lands creating cities and keeps. The man owning Blerda's ring of earth turned and the Gods took notice. Rashnu pushed the continents together to imprison the man, destroying half what was becoming their kingdom. Settling in with the new world landscape, the kingdom grew and decided on borders to be the ocean, new mountains, Lands of Fire and the string of mountains stretching between the two called the Orc Mts. Nearly 735 years passed when the lands were covered in snow and ice though it should not have been due to the climate the kingdom normally has. The seemingly permanent Crystal Mt was created to block a glacier from destroying a village. Shortly after the Demon Wars started and the kingdom was deserted. 5 short years after the Demon Wars, Heinlein was rebuilt and given the name that would remain to this day. This would not be the end of upheavals in Fishita. Orcs and Ogres formed an alliance and stomped their way into Fishita, which the elves of Brentwood did much of the work to push them back into the mountains. Over the next several years there was strife between the elves, dwarves, and humans. Then war broke out again, this time between the elves and dwarves. It was called the Dwarf Wars and the humans of Fishita kept their distance as much as they could. After 66 years, the Dwarf Wars came to an end as the two sides signed a peace treaty brokered by the humans of Fishita which has stood to this day.

Demography and Population

A mix of humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings and a few other mixed races.


  • Fishita
Founding Date
1102 BDW
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper

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