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Forgotten City

Not really forgotten because it's on the map, but the citizens that still live in the shadow of Crystal Mt. feel forgotten. At one time the city was forgotten, then a bard looking to get a closer look at Crystal Mt. stumbled upon what was left of a city and was surprised to see people living in it. That bard is the one who marked it on the map as the Forgotten City and no one has taken the time to look up the city's original name and update the maps.


This settlement doesn't have a primary species as any who wander in and are willing to stay can.
  1. Human -- 20%
  2. Half-Elf -- 20%
  3. Elf -- 20%
  4. Half-Orc -- 20%
  5. Dwarf -- 10%
  6. Other -- 5%
  7. Halfling -- 3%
  8. Gnome -- 2%


This hamlet falls under the rule of the Kingdom of Fishita, but that influence isn't felt very much inside the shadow of Crystal Mountain. The closest thing to leadership in the hamlet is the inn owner.


This hamlet doesn't have defenses beyond its location in the desert created by Crystal Mountain.


The residents do what they need to survive, but leaving other residences to their own means but occasionally sharing.


There is one inn which is generally used as a gathering place for the residences. The hamlet also has a blacksmith that is skilled at making tools for the hamlet more than weapons.


Long ago, before the great upheaval caused by Rashnu's wrath, there was a city in this location. It was the edge of a forest that is now Brentwood. There was a vicious winter a few years after the upheaval that drew the attention of a gnome, Gnoric, the welder of Blerda's ring of air. The new mountains that were created by Rashnu had a massive glacier grow in those few years and it began sliding toward the city. Gnoric saved the city using the ring to prevent the advance of the glacier. The winter passed, and the wall of ice created by Gnoric remained, merging with the remaining glacier as much of it melted away. The residents were relieved, but as time wore on, the ice didn't go away, instead, it cleared and began focusing the sun into a searing beam. Any buildings in the city that were not made of stone caught on fire and burned to the ground. Many residents died, but not as many as could have died since there was a warning that the sun passing through the ice was gaining power over time and many left before the first day the beam was focused enough. Those who remained living in the shadow of Crystal Mountain included the retired elven wizard who used magic to give those remaining time to fortify their homes or leave. Years later the Demon Wars started and the wizard used his power again to keep the city protected. It was the only small settlement not razed by the Demon Wars.
Owning Organization

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