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The Kingdom of Caloth

A kingdom set between the Kurell Ocean, Stormcrown Mountains and the Vermillion Expanse. Once ruled by the Drakenvos Dominion, the Kingdom of Caloth has risen from enslavement and brutality to form a scarred but free nation of people.


The Kingdom of Caloth is ruled by a monarch of the Caloth family. The king holds great power and influence over the kingdom, able to determine policy and law across the realm and declare war against internal and external enemies.   The Dukes of Valston and Kynewal rule over their cities and govern the surrounding lords and territories. Both answer directly to the king.   Beneath the dukes and the king are the various barons that govern counties within the dukes and king's lands.

Public Agenda

To protect, control and maintain their territory while expanding its sphere of influence through economic and political deals.


The resources of Genehiem, Kynewal, Valston, and their surrounding territories. Standing army of 2000 men, with the capacity to raise 10,000 additional militia forces throughout the territory. A fleet of 100 ships. Gold and silver mines. Multiple castles and forts the Chimera Synod and the Academy Primeval


Born through rebellion against the Drakenvos Dominion, the Kingdom of Caloth is a relatively young nation on the continent of Ken'Mora. It was founded by Athos Caloth, after his wife and sons were murdered in front of him by the Dominion and the conflict that followed left scars still visible in the present day

Foreign Relations

The closest allies to the kingdom are the dwarven city of Hilduur'ven and the elven kingdom of Eliond, set within the borders of the kingdom as island nations. Outside the immediate borders, the Kingdom of Caloth finds few allies. The eastern land of Ulamos were supporters of the Drakenvos Dominion, which has bred tension between the nations that have persisted to the present day.   To the north, the cold landscape is divided between the traditional isolationists and the emerging power of Aereth' Nal, leaving the reliability of support in wartime unclear.   The settlements of the Vermillion Expanse are stubbornly neutral, with the exception of one. The "Free Southlings" seek to avoid a banner not their own and will fight to keep their independence.   South-east of the Stormcrown mountains, several of the dukes of Strela has shown interest in trade and alliance with Caloth, though the distance between the two powers makes trade difficult without arcane assistance.   Across the Kurell Ocean, trade has been established with the Korvallan Empire and the Free Cities of Shar'ai, though no political alliances have been formed.

United By Blood and Kin

Founding Date
7000 CB
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Land of Three Peoples
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Controlled Territories

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