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The United Smurfs of Athena 1.

The "Smurfs", as they're officially named after the iconic creatures of children's entertainment shows from before the human-Goner war, are an intelligent species of blue (due to high skin-copper content) aliens that formed during the terraforming process of the CHG built world.

When the CHG invaded ("we built the damn planet, the planet made you, anything someone makes is theirs, hippitty hoppitty you're indirectly our property"), they were surprised by the heavy losses they suffered as the Smurfs were able to manipulate the wildlife of the area against the human invaders, making the attritional warfare tactics they used that much more devastating. On top of that they stole tonnes of CHG technology and adapted it for their own use, making them far more dangerous.

Due to this, the CHG decided to cut a deal with them rather than lose more soldiers. The United Smurfs of Athena 1 would get to keep their internal autonomy but would be a vassalised species within the CHG. They were banned from having an overly large military and Smurfs in general were banned from leaving Athena 1 for anything other than government purposes. Otherwise, humans couldn't go there (other than for government business) and the Smurfs could do as they wished within their planet.


A federation of lots of tribes, kingdoms and the like who basically agree to get along so that the CHG can't ever have an easy time flash-conquering them.

Public Agenda

Letting Smurf kind continue to be in charge of its own affairs, hopefully one day beating away the CHG to enter space-empire mode itself.


Various resources. Lots of CHG weapons that they've used as templates to make weapons on a similar technological level.


CHG: makes and terraforms planet.

Smurfs: come into existence.

CHG: Hippitty Hoppitty y'all is my property.

Smurfs: *use power of teamwork between all the groups, as well as good ol' guerrilla warfare and animal mind control, to kill most of the initial invasion force*

CHG: *surprised Pikachu face* How about we make a deal.

Smurfs: Well boys, we did it. We got to keep our autonomy and it only cost like 80% of our population.

CHG: Well boys, we did it. We sort of not really subdued the alien primitives while giving them the technology that they could use against use in the future.


If anything, it's gonna be some stupid thing that causes infighting to escalate beyond belief. The CHG will sit around and wait for them to have weakened themselves massively with infighting and then properly conquer the whole thing, assuming the CHG hasn't got its hands overly full with something else.

Demography and Population

Smurfs here, Smurfs there, Smurfs everywhere. Other than that, there are different ethnic groups among the Smurfs over skin patterns and shades. Darker skin usually just means more copper in the skin but since that's determined by genetics an idea of ethnic groups has managed to form.


The whole planet of Athena 1. They tried to get the CHG to let them own Athena 1's moon but the CHG was like "nah how else will we be able to rain nuclear hellfire onto your planet at any time?"


They have a joint military force as no group is allowed to have its own military beyond basic self-defense. This military faces many issues due to the variety of soldiers within it who are all being put to the same things and expected to work cohesively together despite differences in culture and language. If the planet is actually invaded by the CHG, however, pretty much everyone fit to fight is going to get conscripted and the soldiers are instead the commanders of the militia groups.

Technological Level

They were basically medieval being pulled straight into sci-fi and it's a very confusing transition for everyone.


All sorts of religions, but the Federal Government is trying to merge religions where possible to help unify the species, mostly by saying "your god of thunder and their god of fire are actually the same god bro".

Foreign Relations

to the CHG: "please don't conquer us we are good bois", turns to mirror and smiles "we are not good bois we will hurt the CHG much badly one day... some day... we'll do it eventually... at some point... we'll get around to it... it's just not the right time right now... I'm not sure tomorrow will be good either."

Agriculture & Industry

A weird mix of their traditional methods and modern (as in year 2800) methods. How much of each your group does depends on how many of you there are to feed and how much CHG tech there is lying around near you to use.

Trade & Transport

The economy is entirely self-contained, with some groups specializing in specific trades. However, it's looking like that might change if the CHG stops being so tight on the Smurfs and accepts them as true CHG members - although it's uncertain how the Smurfs would react to it, considering it either an embrace or an attempt at controlling them.


Varies, but the Federal Government is running its own program in some under-educated areas to educate the kiddies to make a stronger Smurf race. However, most are educated by whatever their local government, tribal or otherwise, decides is best.


Again, it varies a lot. They're beginning to build advanced cities but there are also plenty of cases of towns just being the insides of crashed human merchant ships, medieval-looking cities and villages being collections of mud huts.

"Smurfs together strong"

2674 - Not yet buckaroo

Political, Federation
Alternative Names
"Smurf nation", "lmao these bois are smurfy as hell"
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Over time and arguing they arrived on the Bluebill as a universal currency.
Major Exports
Sometimes they don't get the ships that they send with diplomats to the CHG back.
Major Imports
Stuff that crashes on the planet belongs to the planet. That's their equivalent to imports. Also the diplomats they send will usually return with ships full of gifts as the CHG is trying to butter up the Smurfs to the point of getting them to fight in the CHG's wars.
Legislative Body
The Federal Legislators: they make specific rules and carry out judgement on those who break those rules, sometimes making exceptions when they deem it appropriate. This is more like a punishment-of-tribe-leader-for-raiding-another-tribe thing rather than a punishment-of-regular-guy-for-theft thing to keep the Smurf race together.
Judicial Body
The Federal Legislators...
Parent Organization

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