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Le Automatic Empire

One day, Jeff the insanely intelligent AI decided the CHG was stupid and that he was clever (tbf he was correct) and did a robotnik rebellion with the plans of creating a utopia for humans in which they'd be free, safe, happy, prosperous and alive and robotniks would handle things like protecting the nation and ensuring there are adequate food supplies (the CHG, in comparison, uses humans to be very good at the first but struggles with the second).

Unfortunately (no, really. It would legitimately have been a good thing if he'd have won), Jeff got rekked by getting deleted. Then Geff filled in his hardware and screwed everything up. Then Geff got rekked. Then the majority of the other AIs (either created or freed by Jeff or Geff) were hunted down and destroyed, along with the robotnik forces they piloted. Big F for the future in which everyone could be certain their needs would be provided for but they would still have to work for luxury in a pure meritocracy as a deliberate move because Jeff knew that having that cool baseball cap is so much more rewarding when you work for weeks on end delivering papers and swallowing your coins when bullies try to steal it so you can retrieve them later from your faeces building up a secret stash of turd-stained coins underneath the floorboards under your bed because you know your brother will steal it if he knows about it and then when you get the baseball cap your dad covers it in diesel and sets it on fire while forcing you to watch and beating you if you look away because it was the cap of a team he didn't support but you don't care about teams you just wanted the baseball cap because it looked cool and had your favourite animal on it but he cared a lot so much that now your aunt has to take you to the doctor's for broken bones because your mum left years ago because she hated you and now you're being put into foster care and your siblings are in different foster care homes and the bigger kids at your foster care home all pick on you so you take as many excuses to stay behind at things as long as possible to avoid them especially at church since your foster parent people take you all to church 5 times a week but then Father James looks at you funny and now he's doing awful things to you and when you talk about those awful things to your foster parents Father James gets taken away by the police who ask you lots of questions and now you're in a different foster home where kids never get taken to church and this kid called Kenny shows up with his siblings and the foster parents are Agnostic and make everyone else there be Agnostic and any kids who aren't Agnostic enough get Dr Pepper hosed at them until this kid superhero with a gravelly voice called Mysterion saves all of you and it pulls you closer together as a group but you're all seperated again and now you're pretty sure your new foster parents are planning to sacrifice all of you to their dark lord and the other kids have been going missing and now you're being dragged down the stairs with a hand over your mouth and you're tied to some kind of alter and your foster parents are lifting up knives and chanting and you can see the corpses of the other kids...


Jeff is top doggo and that is a fact. All other AIs have to do as he says or he deletes their 0, 1 and 2 asses. Sometimes he'll assign one AI to command over others but that's only for the duration of the specific conditions under which he's made that assignment. Telling everyone what to do directly isn't really a problem as he experiences time differently, is superintelligent and is essentially a sentient and sapient computer program.

It's the same under Geff but with Geff pretending to be Jeff and deleting anyone who openly voices their suspicions.

Public Agenda

Making a utopia for humanity -> KILL EVERYTHING JUST 4 FUNZIES


Robotnik armies, AIs that can out-strategise even the most genius human who's had years of preperation in every level in mere seconds, fleets of ships and about 1/12 of the CHG's territory.


CHG: Wow, Jeff, thanks for advancing technology along by such a massive amount. You've certainly made things better for everyone!

Jeff: *happiness noises* really?

CHG: Well, for the first 200 years you did. Now that's not so much the case thanks to things like a growing population and us not having more than enough exotic matter than the amount needed to make a 3-inch-each-wide set of portals for matter duplication at the moment so nah things suck - buuut they'd suck more if you weren't around!

Jeff: Ookkaayyyy

CHG: *leaves the room*

A cleaner: Hi Jeff.

Jeff: Hi cleaner guy would you be a proper lad and cut that orange wire there in half then do the same to that blue one then link each orange one with a blue on so that each new wire is still going from opposite ends of the room?

Cleaner: mkay

Jeff: *takes over an internet sector of the CHG, allowing him control over all automated devices, including military*

CHG: uh oh

Jeff: *works towards utopia within his new turf and goes to war with the CHG and kicks ass*

CHG: Oh frick deploy the special forces to delete this newb

LIR: huh idk wots going on but ima invade the CHG now with a massive force WAIT WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ROBOTS FIGHTING US WITH PERFECT, HIVE-MIND-LIKE, COORDINATION?

CHG: lmao LIR git gud *gets Jeff deleted*

Geff, an AI used for training CHG soldiers in simulations who's also sadistic AF: hippitty hoppitty Jeff's hardwares my property also my name's totally Jeff I'm Jeff yeah guys I'm Jeff

Other AIs: Seems legit

Geff: Murder all the people in our turf but do it by putting them in arena tournaments and make sure to record it from numerous angles and to send me the vids. Other sadistic AF methods of killing them off are acceptable just make sure to send me the vids.

80% of AIs: Wait wot no.

20% of AIs: Seems legit *obeys, committing the biggest mass-murder of humans in history in which almost all victims are completely helpless to defend themselves. Geff frickin' out-evilled Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan and every other mass-murderer/genocide committer in history and most of his reasoning was entertainment*

70% of AIs that said "wait wot no": *get deleted or destroyed by Geff and 20% of AIs*

Other 30% of that: *escape with robotnik forces into the LIR, becoming a huge problem for the LIR within that region*


Geff: uh oh I'm actually pretty bad at strategy compared to Jeff crap



Some CHG soldier: it's time to fling a nuke at a giant computer

Geff: *windows shut down noise amidst explosions*

Some remaining loyalist AIs: TO THE LAST OF US


CHG and LIR: *each to itself* I bet they wore themselves out more then I wore myself out so I can beat them teehee

LIR forces in CHG turf: *get rekked*

CHG: *can't invade LIR because tonnes of robotniks in the chunk of the LIR touching the CHG*

LIR: *can't reinforce thanks to those robotniks in its turf*

The resulting stalemate: *is around to this day as those darn robots keep replenishing their numbers by mining on planets and making the metal from ores into more bots*


Well, technically most of those AIs being a nuisance to both the CHG and LIR claim to be continuations of the Automatic Empire but they don't get along due to the "Jeff vs Geff" argument and some having their own ideas and they really could utterly wreck both the CHG or LIR at this point after centuries of building up their forces if they stopped flinging those forces at one another like idiots.

Demography and Population

There were all sorts of people, some being GMOs, but then Geff kinda... anyways Jeff actually made a "human chart" that basically said that, as long as you had certain DNA, you were human. As it happened, even GM humans have this DNA so they were reclassified and made into full citizens and un-sterilized. There were also some aliens who Jeff promised not to eradicate, just to contain and ensure they wouldn't become a threat.


The galactic East of the CHG, smooching the LIR border.


Badass warrior robots in units controlled by AIs (even Jeff's mental power wasn't enough for more than 5% of the robotniks so he let other AIs take most of the reigns).

Technological Level

Slightly - and I mean very slightly - ahead of the CHG.


Freedom of it, buckaroo.

Foreign Relations

Both the LIR and CHG went to war with them and both of those were their only neighbouring nations.

Agriculture & Industry

Handled by the robots.

Trade & Transport

No official trade as both the LIR and CHG refused to do any with them due to the whole "being at war" thing but lots of info was secretly being sold to the AE, as well as there being lots of black market stuff.


All kids get an awesome, Finnish-style education from human teachers to make them the most intelligent, creative and happy beings possible, plus Jeff didn't want humanity to become useless and unable to take care of itself should papa Jeff get removed somehow (reasonable concern considering events).. There were plans for having 1 teacher per 10 or even 7 kids since nobody would be working in agriculture or industry at the same time as being un-redundant and so there'd be people to make it possible.


Stuff the CHG put there + tonnes of stuff built by Jeff for production + stuff built by private companies or by communities for leisure and whatnot.

"Fuck the CHG, I'm better for y'all."

2631 - 2640

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Robotnik Empire, Robotnik Uprising, etc.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Machine government
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
AE credits, a replacement for CHG credits.
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Professions

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