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JollyWigs Circus


Owner -> lower management -> staff -> guards -> the exhibitions

Public Agenda

"Sir, what motivated you to make an inhumane circus?"

JollyWigs: *leans into microphone and shakes bundles of cash in either hand* "MONEY!"


GMOs, holograms, robots, dangerous animals, aliens etc as the tools of entertainment. Enough weapons, shock bracelets/collars, torture methods and cruel enough staff to keep said entertainment in line.


Jolly Wigs, as he nicknamed himself due to a previous habit of scalping people and wearing said scalps as wigs, escaped from a mental asylum after 3 years, killing several other patients and members of staff at the asylum both during his time there and on his way out.

You see, Jolly Wigs had a few things he liked and these included drugs, sugary foods, extreme entertainment, money (because of the power and status it gave him as much as for how it allowed him access to the previous) and seeing others suffer. So, after hiding out at his sister's house, he decided to sell her, her husband and their children to organ farmers to get the cash to escape over enough borders and undergo enough surgeries to be unrecognizable to any law services. He got good at forgery and disguises, using them to feed his habits in both sadism and drug abuse without consequence.

Eventually, he decided he'd need a permanent base that would provide him with wealth, easy access to torture subjects and the chance to influence important people. So, using the wealth he'd accumulated by looting it from his victim's corpses and from fake cheques he made in their names afterwards, he formed JollyWigs circus. Several days later, he lied and forged his way through the lax tests that were meant to find out whether or not individuals were suitable to be allowed to possess GMOs, and bought his first batch of 7 highly varied GMOs.

He deliberately made sure they were as strange as possible, personally making painful alterations to them in order to make them more entertaining. He later created a fully sentient robot and forged the documents needed to show that him having one was perfectly legal. The shows put on were especially attractive to sadists like Jolly Wigs, and the high prices meant that he was also able to attract politicians and major businessmen with similar qualities of character to him, using this to form unions of sorts to further his business.

23 years later and Jolly Wigs had died from an overdose of numerous different drugs and his nephew, having only just been rescued by police forces from a life as an organ farm, inherited ownership of the Jolly Wigs Circus. However, he was generally unresponsive to events around him to the point of almost being considered catatonic and so his wife, a previous staff member of JollyWigs Circus who had been a protege of sorts to Jolly Wigs, ended up running the circus with a much more profit-based focus for the circus than Jolly Wigs' aims of feeding his addictions to drugs and torturing others.

It was in this time that back-circus torture was introduced while the company also dabbled in the ownership of smaller circuses to appeal to less wealthy crowds. The amount of wealth generated due to her management of it cannot be overstated. Her husband later died due to "falling head first onto one of the pointier props" and so she remarried 2 days later to the owner of JollyWigs Circus' biggest competition, Alziem Circuses Ltd, merging the two companies into JollyWigs Circus Ltd. Her new husband died 4 days later, having supposedly forgotten to put his helmet on before going out of an airlock in a ship. Despite numerous attempts, she was unable to acquire more companies through marriage despite her attempts and so fully settled down with her long-time-lover, an elite ex-soldier who had been booted from the military for continuing to torture aliens even after all useful information possible was acquired from them and was known to have killed 7 of the GMOs within his girlfriend's ownership to prevent them from escaping or causing major property damage.

One of their illegal GMOs, "Cally", was among the hostages taken by the terrorists during the early days of the Great Terrorist War. JollyWigs Circus Ltd decided not to dispose of her because she in particular made large quantities of money for the company. When Cally emerged from the VR Net Pr 3 1/2 years later, she proceeded to kill numerous staff within the JollyWigs Circus and stage a coup within the company's fleet. Before this point, JollyWigs Circus had been engaging in the slave trade as the civil war occurring opened up the opportunity to be the sellers of slaves rather than just the buyers for them, as well as using their GMOs as mercenaries.


In the midst of a civil war, one of their own slaves staged a violent coup against them.

"The audience must be entertained"

2801 - 2884

Corporation, Business
Alternative Names
JollyWigs, the Mad Circus
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
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