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If you look on a map of Svene, just off the coast of Olmicum is the island nation of Castevon. Though Incorporeals live all over the world, and rarely in small communities like many of the other magical groups, I believe that Castevon is where the first Incorporeals lived, as there seem to be more Incoporeals there than any other country on Svene.   Castevon is a nation off the coast of Olmicum consisting of tens of thousands of islands. It has a presidential constitutional republic, though throughout its history, it has been the focus of several other countries due to its abundance of metals and its agricultural crops. It was only within the last hundred years that it officially gained independence.


Castevon has a presidential democracy with three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The President serves as head of the executive branch as well as leader of the country and commander in chief of the armed forces. They serve a five year term and can be re-elected once. The legislature is divided into two houses. Members of both houses serve three-year terms, but can be re-elected. It has a complicated court system with separate courts for legal matters, civil matters, bankruptcy, and cases involving the government.


The primary assets of Castevon are the vast array of crops, including coffee, rice, rubber, and many others. Castevon also has an abundance of various metals, including gold and copper, as well as a decent number of Incorporeals.


Based on stories I've acquired, the first inhabitants of the Castevon Islands were several small colonies of people who were particularly adept at wind magic. There is some evidence that they moved there because it reminded them of their home before arriving on Svene, though it seems they found the island after the Magic War ended. It is unclear why, but the stories claim that this group of people chose the islands in the hope of being self-sufficient and remaining somewhat isolated from other people.   For centuries, Castevon had little outside contact. The island maintained a trading border with nearby Olmicum, and there is a possibility that there was some sea trade, but if so, little. The island flourished, and the people tended to local crops, living simple, communal lives. There is some evidence of outsiders settling in the islands, but these people, primarily from Olmicum, settled within the already existing communities, as can be seen by the long tradition of mixed cultures.   When Olmicum's neighbors learned, however, of the easy access to the crops grown on Castevon, the island was invaded. For two hundred years, it was under the rule of Amaca, until Tastmonteos claimed it during their war. Shortly afterward, however, the people of Castevon gained their independence with help from Lourar, as Tastmonteos lost its ability to fight on two fronts.   The leader of the rebellion, Yasel Kora (who was an Incorporeal), immediately declared himself president and led with an authoritarian hand, but with more help from Lourar, a successful coup overthrew him and a new president was installed. Following economic strife in 1902, Lourar lost their hold on Castevon, which shortly afterward held its first election.

Many Breaths, United

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Democracy, Presidential

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