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Blood Hunter Camp

Excerpt from The Wonders of the Cynosure by Orkin Stonecaller  

Who are the Blood Hunters? That is a question no one really understands. Their camp sits in Paradise in front of the Diamond Maze with constant danger. The one place in the city that has not been tamed. The one place with far more questions than answers. The Blood Hunters know some of those answers, but they have a pride like no other I've seen. They don't speak about it at all and those that do, pay a price usually set for cultists.


All races are accepted as hunters although the majority still tend to be Goliaths and Giants. They do not keep any real census of their numbers and no one tracks it.


Although it sits in Paradise, they are not under that government. They do keep a representative on the counsel, but that is to make that no one takes too much of notice of their activities or tries to prevent them from doing their work. The camp is provided with supplies by all the Beacons, although the Beacon of Love usually provides the majority.
The Camp itself appears to be run by a group of elders that are in charge of training any new recruits.


The training camp and the other defensive camps all have defensive ice walls built to try and contain any creature trying to leave. The maintenance of these walls is taken very seriously and seems to be some of the first things taught to new recruits.


They don't produce much and are there only for the defense of the city. They have been known to collect parts of creatures to sell or trade for things they may want off the Beacon records.


The Ice Hut village is crowded with several small huts and a few larger ones. This is the primary training area and once they are done will travel to some of the camps along the outer wall of the maze.


They are provided almost anything they ask for, although they rarely ask for much besides basic supplies. The training camp has their own forge and several storage huts.


The discovery of the Diamond Maze led to a deep misunderstanding of it and it's dangers. It led to a lot of death, including a Kyren. The military continued to be ill equipped to handle the maze, leading to many people dying.

There was a first Blood Hunter I suppose, although no one knows quite who that was. The rumors is that it was a soldier who survived the maze claiming to be led by the Cynosure to safety. Later this soldier would pick one or two others and take them into the Maze. They would miraculously survive. Some reports say they had made a deal with demons to survive, while others say the Cynosure had blessed them with a gift. Oddly enough, both these rumors still exist in this Era and that mystery appears to be left unsolved at the moment. What is known is that these soldiers had gained unique abilities. Some say they could do magic without the training while others say they trapped demons in their blades to enhance it....there are even crazier stories. I think the Blood Hunters themselves spread half the rumors to keep people guessing what the truth actually is. The only truth we really know is that there are no better to destroy the onslaught of demons and undead that come from the Maze.
— Yillis Akerven: History of Diamond and Blood

Military, Camp
The population ranges from 500 to 1,000 usually, but divided into several smaller camps placed in front of the myriad of entrances along the maze.


  • They are demons pretending and planning something big...but what?
  • They are special like the Pureborn and picked by Cynosure for this duty.
  • The Kyren even fear them, that is why we should all fear them.
  • They save us all everyday, but none of us ever see it.
  • When they die, they turn into a demon. That is how the demon army will come to us.
  • They are the embodiment of the Cynosure, keeping us safe from the demons.
  • They infuse their own blood with that of Demons, gaining their strength and power over us.

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