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A fringe town near the Valley of Hoodoos where everyone fights to survive. Built into a sort of half basin turning into a narrow slot canyon known as the "escape rout," Takua is a hive of scum, villainy and really poor down on their luck people. Home to the most diverse market since Bazzar, it's economy, if it had one to speak of, would be booming.


The richest people hire the thugs, and the thugs become the police and then the law becomes what the rich people say. Though that is the case, for the most part things are rather quiet in Takua, one punch short of a riot at all times, but rather quiet. Must be honor among thieves


You likely won't find what you're after, but something is going to interest you. That is the guarantee of the Takuan Marketplace. Stolen goods, Forged goods, Real goods, all put together in one place to be sold for whatever coin you can get for it to be taken off your back.


As residents have come and gone each has left their mark on Takua, from graffiti to street art, to metal and wooden and stone slabs covering holes in buildings, a large mill that no one knows how to use since it's builder vanished rots above the town, turning lazily when the breeze gets heavy enough.

Guilds and Factions

A major player in Takuan "politics" is the Scarlet feast.   There are is also a major cell of Denouncing Lore there.


Originally built as a Xelragan nomad town, it was ransacked in a deal gone bad. Taken over by the bandits, fortified, and expanded to being permanent, Hung from the walls of the town are several Xelragan masks, alongside handmade masks and replicas that became a tradition to hang at the gate as a warning to outsiders and a pledge to the residents that you were then joining.

Those who live, and those who leave.
Inhabitant Demonym
Takuans or trash people.

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