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Island of Regret

The Island of Regret is the largest island of an archipelago to the north west of the nation of allied races. Formally it was known as the Island of Trials where some would go in an attempt to find themselves through hard work and isolation.   However, as the war started ramping up, and during the war, it served as another purpose. Dissenters to the destructive war began a pilgrimage to it. But, they didn’t simply come to meditate on the meaning of life and find their place in the new world. They came to build, and live, away from everything. They gave up their old lives and began a new quiet life of hard work and dedication. Like their ancestors did not long ago. All as a form of protest for what many of them saw as a mind boggling turn of events.   Any who wished to get away from the war was welcome. And, yes, this even involved having members from both opposing sides on the island. But, after a few incidences of the two warring sides not able to keep their fighting to their own boarders, they banned travel from there as well.   They banned their own countrymen.   They went so far as, before they let the allied nation have the satisfaction, they levied trading sanctions AGAINST the nation of allied races. To the universal shock of the world as a whole. This little island had the audacity of refusing to trade with one of the world’s leading forces. Strictly on principal.   While they didn’t have much, and most of what they did have came from the sea or what little they could manufacture to trade, the action was symbolic. And, as such, entirely effective in it’s own right.   The nation of allied races, like a tantrum throwing toddler, threw their own sanctions against the little island, and refused to trade with them as well. Which, while having more clout to it, was a hollow sounding threat given the island had already actively turned away several of their merchant ships.   The tribes of man, after getting over their initial shock of the audacity of an island of misfits, with a population not even large enough for a small city, shaming such a political behemoth so casually, applauded and laughed heartily at the little fellows. The act earned the little island so much respect among the tribes of men that they asked, voluntarily, if the Island of Regret would prefer if they too stayed away. Upon receiving a respectful confirmation, with supported reasons of not wanting to be in crossfire, the humans agreed. The Island of Regret would have no part in the war, and that was good enough for the Humans. So they maintained a large no fly / sail zone around the island’s territory.   But, as the war went on, the island was also known to take known deserters from the war. From both sides. Individuals that had been through enough. Or ones that got dragged into it, or pressed into service, and never wanted to be a part of it in the first place. If the military got their hands on them, they would most likely be executed for desertion.   But the Island of Regret gave them homes. And sheltered them. Humans. Elves. Dwarves. Even a few @Avisians. All of them managed to work together for the common goal of survival. This didn’t sit well with anyone as others stirred the pot of conspiracy and cast a very unfavorable shadow over everything the ones living on the Island of Regret were trying to do.   This became all too evident when the Last Days war came to its climactic end. As the spells and ordinance flew in every direction, none were spared. Not even the neutral Island of Regret.   Which was targeted by massive city destroying Achano-Technology bombs.   By both sides.

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