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Claraxion is a a fertile region on the largely-unexplored planet of Teliroc, formerly known as Planet 4716. Originally colonized by ships from the Cold Worlds who had fled their planets during the War of Reylan's Succession, Teliroc has remained largely independent of interplanetary affairs in the Thousand Worlds. A cargo ship arrives every spring from the Cold Worlds, bringing whatever the citizens of Claraxion are unable to grow or make for themselves.   Not far from the settlement is Fort Teliroc, built by imperial forces during a civil war between Claraxion and the neighboring region of Volikan. In the present day, the fort is drastically understaffed, but there aren't too many problems the people of Claraxion can't handle for themselves.


Mostly human, though most of the inhabitants simply consider themselves Claraxions rather than tracing their ancestry to any particular humanoid tribe.


A regional governor oversees the planet on behalf of the Empress, but a landowners' charter allows the land-owning residents of Claraxions to manage their own farms and ranches more or less as they see fit, as long as taxes are paid to the central government.


The community is largely agrarian, with large ranches and farms occupying most of the region. In the town proper, a number of shops - ranging from a leather-works to a nuclear mechanic - tend to the community's needs.


Seven hundred years ago, a ship from the Tech Empire discovered a planet between the Tech Empire and the Cold Worlds, and named it according to their own designation system. They established a city on the planet's surface, but had little interaction with the planet's inhabitants. But a hundred years later, as the War of Reylan's Succession ravaged the Cold Worlds, refugees began arriving on Planet 4716, turning the Tech city into a thriving metropolis, and spreading out into the surrounding area. The new arrivals intermingled with the locals and shared their technology, forming a new culture on the world, formally entering the Thousand Worlds and changing the name of the planet to Teliroc.   Two hundred years ago, a civil war divided the people of Teliroc, with one side pushing for independence from the Thousand Worlds and another group wanting to remain in the alliance. When word of the insurrection reached imperial forces, troops were sent to the planet to maintain order. They built Fort Teliroc in the highlands between the heavily-populated regions of Claraxion and Volikan. Claraxion supported the Thousand Worlds, while Volikan was a stronghold for the separatists. With the new fortress in place, the rebellion quickly faded, with many of the more vocal separatists leaving the planet to become pirates in the Cold Worlds.   One hundred years ago, the Yurilokan Virus reached Teliroc, decimating the population. Thousands died, while thousands more left in an attempt to escape the virus. Teliroc became a ghost planet in a single generation. Now Claraxion, and by extension the planet itself, is little more than just an imperial outpost between the Tech Empire and the Cold Worlds.
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