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The JSW Jadey was a multi-corporation investment made to help scout out useful resources throughout the Andromeda galaxy where Victoriana (Planet) sits. The mining station is mobile enough to venture out to deep space for long treks. It is self-sufficient for up to ten years without resupply and travels in tours.   The JSW Jadey was created as a way to promote Syndicate independence from other Banners. Victoriana's immediate solar system is limited on natural metal resources, and so they developed a station to harvest and bring back raw minerals from around their galaxy.



The JSW Jadey is capable of holding eight thousand crew, and several hundred tons of cargo as well as towing capacity for asteroids that may be rich in higher-density metals. Onboard hydroponics and Food Synthesis facilities help the crew achieve self-sufficiency for a decade at more.  


The mining equipment is second only to Digger Co. and is able to mine asteroids by driving through them and harvesting the output into massive hoppers. Onboard refinement facilities allow ore to be processed and forged, with the leftovers ejected back into space.

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The JSW Jadey is built off a cylindrical base, with a funnel like nose designed to harvest asteroids.   The ship itself is painted jet black, with bright red labeling on the side. Plumes of output are ejected from the end of the ship while running the refineries.  


The JSW Jadey was named after the Jadey family, of which Osborne Jadey is the current head.


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Summer Camp Prompt 7

Describe an isolated or frontier settlement and how it survives in your world.

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