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Toàriàsàmia Village

A small village in the mountains, only barely built and surviving on hopes and dreams.


The village has two main leaders: the mayor, and the local Guild master.
The mayor, [name] is the adventurer who founded the town, and outside of a good relationship with the villagers, said adventurer has little executive power at the moment. Perhaps if [name] learned more about governance and there were more people living in town... but neither has happened.
The real seat of power is the Guild master: Â̂zo Râzimii. Â̂zo is a Birdkin from Mià̃mertus, and she has both skills and ambition. Her goal is to turn this village into the ultimate destination for adventurers and the hub of the northeast mountains. Therefore, she rules her Guild hall with an iron fist, and is prepared to make sure that not only does it run smoothly, everyone is going to be happy about it, damn it.


The defenses in town are lackluster, consisting of maybe a dozen adventurers who can be recruited to help fight, and little else.

Natural Resources

On the outskirts of town is a multistory dungeon of fairly low risk. Resources seem abundant, and adventurers have already begun to travel to seek their fortune within.
Within town, there's an inn, general shop, and a skilled blacksmith to help said adventurers already. The products aren't much to look at yet, but once more materials come out of the dungeon, perhaps that might change...
Means 'golden chance' in Rubefiàn
Around a dozen
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Author's Notes

This village is the future setting of a game I am currently working on! In the game, the village will be named by the player, so this name is just a placeholder. If you want to hear more about the game (or at least my influences for it) click here!

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