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Frost Goblin Outpost

To far east to be part of the Ballans and to far from the mountains to be part of Thrurin's kingdom, the frost goblin outpost is a small and oft forgotten island. The rough rocks that surround it in the deep sea make travel to this island challenging, however visitors ill find it to be a uniquely cultured place. The native goblins have for the time being been left in an uneasy peace, where their land is more or less shared by two kingdoms. Should anything strange approach by sea, both corners of the mainland will be signalled by lighthouse. Over the years this land has been passed between the possession of Dwarves and Goblins many times, however the frost goblins insist they belong to neither.


Most the land is occupied by native frost goblins, the second most common race is Dwarves, and third is the mainland goblins. The dwarves are well respected family lines, however the most valuable jobs on the island belong to the lighthouse keepers.


The settlement is currently under a truce between two lands both claiming ownership. Under current agreement a small tax is paid to both during the warmest months. This tax is paid in goods.


The island is natuarlly defended by the harsh and rocky sea, often filled with ice.

Industry & Trade

The main exports from the island are pickles and spirits, these uniquely potent foods are rare specialities on the mainland. Some potion masters and alchemists will send for special requests regarding some distillations and preserves.


A great lighthouse stands tall on the island, it is able to send a message to both the Ballans and the city of Thrurin. This is perhaps the safest way for any outsider to make contact with the secluded dwarven city.
Outpost / Base
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Frost Goblins
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