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Our history, our greatest accomplishments all saved here for the rest of time.
— Head archivist


Some say that natural defences are some of the best defences and Hallfell stands as proof of this.

It is notoriously difficult to travel to Hallfell due to its remote location and unsafe roads with sheer cliffs on either side. The roads are often too narrow for normal Lurkogia drawn carts, forcing goods to be transported in hand drawn ones.

Along the way are gatehouses at regular intervals where the one can rest, but also recognise that taking each one by force would be a lengthy and costly endeavour.

Hallfell itself can first be mistaken for another, slightly larger gatehouse, as it appears as a gate with very flat, unclimbable walls surrounding it that juts out a little beyond the cliff edge. Observant people might also notice the machicolations and murder holes in the wall above the gate.

Between the gate and the valuables are a myriad of traps and defensive positions, each of which has to be traversed or taken with effort and care. One can only claim to have taken Hallfell once the archives themselves are taken, since it is there where the only water source, a natural spring, is located.

The archives are located inside of the cliffs and consist of rooms of various sizes, hallways and sturdy gates between each one. There are only two openings into the place. One is the worlds strongest gate thanks to a combination of conduits strengthening it and the other is a small hole situated above a 1 km drop through which excrement and excess water is disposed of.

Industry & Trade

Due to the security many store their valuables in the Citadel for a large yearly fee. The other way Hallfell creates income is by transcribing or copying the historical literary- and artworks and selling them.

The money is mainly used to keep the road accessible and too buy supplies that cannot be manufactured in Hallfell due to the complete lack of resources in the area.


The most valuable items in use are a conduit which can make water into a liquid slightly tasting of cumin. The liquid is as nourishing as ordinary food and the conduit can convert enough water to supply about 150 people per day.

The other is a conduit that looks like a thick sheet of metal which can purify air, making it unnecessary to make a hole for air to enter the archives.

Alternative Name(s)
the Citadel/the Archive
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