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Our ancestors clearly made the conduits, yet I cannot even begin to fathom how they were created, where they get their power from or what purpose they originally served.
— Tinkerer
Conduits are the remnants of ancient times. Devices of unknown origin. Artefacts of power and mystery.


Conduits have utilities as numerous as grains of sand in the desert Karra. At the same time it must be noted that not all conduits are equal in their value. Many seem to have no use at all, while the most powerful conduits can do almost anything.

Sometimes people try to combine conduits in various ways in order to get a specific, and often more powerful, result. One of the most infamous examples of a contraption of this kind is the Sanguineous Resolve.


The ways of manufacture has been lost to time. However, there are a few who have set their minds on a path:
If it was once created, then it must be possible to do so again.
Hano Silba
This has turned into the saying of those who call themselves "seekers". They have set themselves the task to find a way to manufacture conduits once more. It is a perilous task due to the nature of conduits and many have died over the years.
Children Technologies
Nothing as ancient as conduits could be attributed to a single mind, and so it must be attributed to a people. No one can tell for sure who they were, but many believe that they were the ancestors off all who are sentient.
Access & Availability
Conduits are easy to find, but finding conduits that have an obvious use is much harder and finding conduits that are powerful are almost impossible to get.
It is hard to define a common level of complexity of conduits. Some have functions that are easy to understand and exploit, and others behave in ways that do not have any rhyme or reason. The one complex thing that binds them all together is that no one completely knows how they work.

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