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Conjoined conduits

I ... It ... It is gone. Ephey is gone.
— Captain of the Sanguineous Resolve

Conduits are devices left behind by the Antediluvian and on their own they have powers that range from useless novelties to being able to make beings godlike.

Long it was thought that it was impossible to put conduits together in such a fashion that the power could reach beyond the imaginable, but war has a tendency to spur innovation.


When the War of Misunderstanding started it was quickly recognised by some Ven'Ir that if the dream of conjoined conduits could end the war very quickly, and so they started diverting resources into the creation of conjoined conduits.

As one can imagine, development was very slow. The primary reason for this was that conduits are a mystery. It is unknown how they work or why. Two seemingly similar conduits can have vastly different results when put together with another conduit.

And so years of war went by with a group of Venirans putting conduits of all kinds together and testing the results. Sometimes this would mean that nothing happened, other times it would mean that it failed catastrophically, causing deaths.

At last a working, controllable and deadly conjoined conduit was constructed, but it was so large that it could only be transported on a ship that was made for the task. This ship was constructed and named Sanguineous Resolve upon request by the constructors.


The ships first target was to be Ephey. One week later the weapon was pointing towards the town and moments later the town turned into dust. It took two minutes for the ships crew to understand what had happened and when the leaders understood the same two week later they called a cease fire.

Since then the Sanguineous Resolve has become synonymous for the weapon itself, even if the ship and weapon were separate objects.


When the Ven'Ir understood what had happened, they made the decision that these great war machines should never again exist. The two weapons that existed by this point were destroyed.


While it is certainly possible that conjoined conduits could be used to do anything, the only conjoined conduits to date were meant for war.

One was the Sanguineous Resolve, which could turn objects into dust from a distance, and the other was a weapon which is said to be able to cause massive explosions by harnessing the power of the sun. The second was never used in war because of the decision to never build great war machines again after Ephey had been destroyed.


Because conduits are poorly understood the only way to create conjoined conduits is to put them together and see what happens. This is incredibly dangerous and can easily lead to catastrophic results.

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Only two conjoined conduits have ever been constructed and each has been cost inefficient, nor has it become easier or cheaper over time to construct them.
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