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Sky Star Cavum

"Sky Star Cavum"


Due to the difficult conditions and harsh environment, the Pellis Desert has forced each nomadic group to be very self-sufficient. Racial issues and barriers were thrown out generations ago, beginning when the dwarves of Pellis Port dug the first Cavums and created a way for all of its inhabitants to survive. Everyone learned very quickly that all peoples are necessary contributors and must rely on and support one another in such an isolated place. As such there is a significant number of nonhumans living and working together with humans as a nomadic group or tribe.   The permanent residents known as The Sky Star Tribe, currently consist of 7 Dwarves, 2 Half-Dwarves, 8 Humans, 1 Elf, 2 Half-Elves, and is led by the matriarch, Broma Greystone, an Acero Dwarf.   The current nomadic population today is: 46% Human, 10% Half-Elf, 5% Elf, 30% Dwarf, 8% Half-Dwarf, 1% Gnome.


All disputes are expected to be settled internally by the nomadic tribe of origin. Disputes between different nomadic tribes can be settled by appealing to the Sky Star Cavums permanent group or tribal elder. Conflicts from outside of the Cavum, will be discussed by a council made up from equal membership of each nomadic tribe present in the Cavum.


Defense is vert easy. When an enemy approaches, the hatch to the surface is closed and locked and then nothing can get in. Any adversaries walking by will hardly notice the rusted and sand covered hatch and keep going. Emergency rations are stockpiled and available only in case of sieges and can last for over a month.

Industry & Trade

Each nomadic tribe is expected to be self sufficient and gather their own resources. The Sky Star Cavum only provides shelter and access to fresh water, it expects all tribes to gather their own food and supplies. Barter and trade amongst various groups is quite common. There is no direct trade with towns or cities outside of the desert, the time and expense to do so is not worth it to either party.


Besides the deep well into the fresh water aquifer, there are several other important aspects to this settlement. A protective hatch has been constructed to seal off and protect the inhabitants. Over a dozen pools have been constructed to house blind catfish and eels for emergency rations or celebratory events. Ventilation shafts have been cut from each room in order to bring the humid air out and collect it in a central, round, bowl shaped room. The rooms concave floor is layered in silver and the ceiling is sloped with a downward point in its center and layered in silver also. In this room the humid air is condensed into liquid water on the cold silver ceiling and that water drips into the silver floor, where it is collected. The silver prevents microbes and bacteria from growing, providing another source of fresh water.


A months worth of emergency rations are stockpiled in a secret room and a huge aquifer of water is available.

Guilds and Factions

There are no guilds permitted in the city and any allusions to creating one are quickly shut down and discouraged.


The Sky Star Cavum, was the last Cavum to be constructed on the norther side of the Pellis Desert, near the Sky Star Mountians. Usually once a Cavum is dug and setup, an advance team is sent out to look for a new Cavum site in which to dig, so that there is always a place to go to when the water runs low, which it always does. However, upon completion of The Sky Star Cavum, several individuals wanted to stay and further improve this site. It was decided that the Cavum could support a handful of individuals and they were allowed to stay and continue working on its improvements. Those that stayed behind endured many hardships and trials, but endured and became known as the The Sky Star Tribe and currently oversee The Sky Star Cavum.


The architecture is that of typical dwarven ingenuity and very simplistic. The dwarves have dug down into the old sea floor through the sandstone and limestone bedrock until they hit the fresh water aquifer. Side halls and rooms have been carved out surrounding the main downward shaft to meet the needs of any visitors. The main entrance to the Cavums is covered by a counter weighted, sliding and locking, iron hatch door. Rooms are generally empty except for any shelving and a few sea shell candles.


The Sky Star Cavum, is situated closer to the Sky Star Mountains and farther east than any other Cavums in the Pellis Desert, and derives it name from those mountains. It is surrounded by a harsh desert environment of sand, rock, and cacti. However, underground is a huge fresh water aquifer that the residents have tapped into.

Natural Resources

While there is an overabundance of sand, sandstone, and limestone, the most important resource here is the particularly deep aquifer that supplies the Cavums fresh water. Due to this huge supply of water, several underground pools and caverns have been stocked with blind catfish and eels. Above ground resources include Desert Thyme, Date Trees, and lots of snakes.
Outpost / Base
Approximately 20 permanent residents, known as the Sky Star Tribe and 60 nomadic visitors plus or minus 20 other nomadic visitors depending on the season and events.
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