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"Well Gerro, this is your first time here at this Cavum. What do you think?"   "There's lots of rock outcroppings around here. Is it shallow or deep Micca?"   "It's deep, we did a real good job here despite the rocks." Said the dwarf. "Come on inside and have a look. We even built a pool with some eels."   "I will. Do you think any monitors laid their eggs in those rock piles?"   "I know you love them monitors, but that will have to wait till the morrow. Felder said he thinks a sandstorm is coming."   "Felder always thinks a sandstorm is coming. They just never get here. Alright, lets go. I'll pull the hatch closed."
— Gerro Sansker

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Cavums is to serve as shelter and to accommodate the survival needs of the nomadic people of the Pellis Desert.


Entrances and exits are through curtain covered, carved hallways that connect one room to another. Sometimes stairways are carved into the bedrock but most times ladders are used to reach higher or lower floors.

Sensory & Appearance

Rooms are usually dark and cool and silent, being that they are constructed under the shifting sands of the desert. Over time some rooms may trap a bit of the humidity given off by their occupants. Lighting is hard to come by but most people use either bioluminescent fungus, candles, glowstones, or magic.


These rooms are most often empty until the nomadic people of the Pellis Desert arrive.

Contents & Furnishings

The rooms are very spartan and minimalist with few structures. A simple bedroll or cot to sleep on, perhaps a storage trunk for clothes, and a few makeshift shelves either carved into the wall or constructed out of old tree branches or the wood from shipwrecks.


As the years go by more rooms are added and upgrades are made.


The Cavums were first constructed by the dwarves of the nomadic people, by digging down into the sea floor and through the sandstone and limestone bedrock until they hit the water table. Side tunnels and rooms were carved out to serve as sleeping quarters, meal halls, and storage rooms. The deepest and most important room is the well, for gathering fresh water.


After The Sundering and The Binding drained the Avertere Sea, and left the people of Pellis Port with little to no resources, the remaining dwarves came up with a plan to save the people. They sought to find the wettest areas of the new Pellis Desert and dig their way down to the fresh water table. This gave the people access to fresh water and a cool place to shelter from the harsh sun and dry climate above. As they dug their way down through the sandstone and then limestone bedrock, they created several offshoots of rooms and hallways to accommodate the many needs of the Pellis People. The rooms are all clustered around a central well of fresh water. When the well gets low, the people strike off to the next Cavum and the next, and so on and so forth. The water supplies usually last about a month before running low and causing the next nomadic migration.
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