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The Binding

"The Binding"   Just as the great The Sundering was ripping apart the very world, the planets most knowledgeable and greatest magical beings quickly convened, in order to devise a strategy for holding the planet together. As imminent disaster and death is wont to do, a plan was crafted to try and reverse the oncoming tragedy.   This attempt by the world’s magical powers to tie and bind the Planet Shards from separating and destroying the planet is called The Binding, after the way the magical energies are used to fasten and hold the great pieces together. Spaced along the edges of the broken crust, tremendous magical restraining spells were cast in order to reattach the Planet Shards to one another. Although most are now hidden from view of the common man, these smooth, translucent blue bindings of pure magical energy were a tremendous sight to behold, blazing even in the brightest noon day sun.   Several groups of powerful spell casters, clerics, and magical creatures traveled around the globe performing these special spells, enchantments, rituals, sacraments, and ceremonies to lock the Planet Shards together. The bindings were then disguised so that they would not draw unnecessary attention that might result in their disbandment or failure.   The formation of these bindings required a tremendous sacrifice that resulted in the absorption of most of the planet’s magic. While this loss of magic didn’t affect the average person, creature, or plant, the magical beings were rendered weak and became a mere shadow of their former selves. Magical items quickly lost their potency and powers. Clerics had difficulty communing with their patron gods, and most magic users lost the ability to tap into magic or cast spells for quite some time. New magical schools of thought and focus were discovered in their absence and new divine connections had to be made.   Slowly, over the centuries, the magic of the world regrew and returned, although it was never quite as strong and powerful as it had originally been. Magical creatures and items returned to nearly their full strength, and the old ways now functioned again, along side the newer practices.   The “Bindings” are regularly inspected and watched over by various groups, as they are constantly straining at the seams and require periodic renewal, to prevent binding collapse. Such a collapse would cause the planet shards to crack apart, separate once again, and begin to move away from the planet and travel out of the atmosphere into space, killing everything on it, not to mention releasing The Overgod.   Renewal can be done by any magic user or cleric casting spells into the binds or by a magical creature donating part or all of its powers to the bonds. Many organizations require its members to travel to the “Bindings” and preform the spells or ceremonies to help strengthen them. These often are a part of a test, initiation, or ritual. Some binding locations have established towns or outposts in the area and have developed cultures around the renewal process. These come in as many varied forms as there are stars in the sky. Ranging from festivals and holidays to rituals and sacrifices, for fun and enjoyment to schemes and profit. Many beings in Domen Aria have adapted well to these changes and filled a niche of the social and magical realms.

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